About Funky Feminist

Founded in May 2017, Funky Feminist is an online publication and social platform dedicated to empowering those who identify as women, girls, and their allies to push the limits, fight for what they believe in, and be unapologetically themselves. 

Nolite te bastardes carborundorm, bitches. 

The Team

Landon Funk, Founder and CEO

Landon Funk is a Nashville native and Princeton University graduate. She has been a staunch feminist for as long as she can remember, having faced sexism on the golf course, in the classroom, and in the business world. She is a certified yoga and trauma-informed yoga instructor.


Taylor Veino, Social Media and Marketing Manager

Taylor is a Las Vegas native and a Belmont University Graduate. She enjoys reading, being a dog mom and thinking for herself.


Katiee McKinstry, Editor

Katiee is a proud feminist from Atlanta, Georgia and the founder of the blog Life Starts With Coffee. She recently graduated from University of North Georgia with a BA in English Literature.



Leslie Dawe, Weekly Contributor

Leslie Dawe is a proud Newfoundlander who grew up in northern Labrador. She enjoys writing, singing and photography. She owns her own business and is planning on attending Memorial University in the fall.


Autumn Morris, Weekly Contributor

Autumn is a sexual health and sexual education activist. She is a writer, YouTuber, Podcast host, and Psychology student.
YouTube: MostylesTV
Podcast: anchor.fm/mostyles


Scarlet Sinclair, Bi-Weekly Contributor

Scarlet is a native New Yorker now living the magickal life in LA. A multifaceted practicing witch, she has performed burlesque, makes tattoos, manufactures conjure soaps, reads The Faeries Oracle and does automatic writing with her 100 year old typewriter. 



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