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Females Are strong as hell.png

Woodhull 5.5x4.25 postcard

Send this glorious postcard to your favorite badass to show them how much you love and believe in them. Claflin ran for president of the United States before women were allowed to the right to vote. I’d say that’s a major FU to the patriarchy.


Weekly planner

You’re busy. We get it. Use our weekly planner to help you tackle your daily challenges, take down the patriarchy, and inspire you to be unapologetically yourself.


Boobs bookmark

Wait, you mean you can love your boobs regardless of their size, shape, and color? Hell yeah! Show your love to those beautiful titties with this cool as fuck bookmark!

Wait, it's your birthday_.png

It’s Your Birthday 7x5 Card

A little sarcasm always brightens up a birthday. Use this card to celebrate the life of someone you love. I guarantee they well love you forever - well, maybe not guarantee, but they should.



Plan your next breakup with these cards that proudly say “Fuck the Patriarchy.” As our queen Florence Given would say, “It’s a beautiful day to dump him.”

will you be my wonder woman_.png

wonder woman 1x1 invite

Want to ask someone out on a hot date, or maybe invite your bestie to be your maid of honor? This invitation is perfect to give to any strong female identifying person in your life!


vagina bookmark

Did you read what I said about the boobs bookmark? Yeah, same goes for this vagina one. However, this bookmark is especially good at making your conservative family members uncomfortable. Yes please!


my body 7x5 card

Print this out to put in your room or use it as the front cover of a binder. You can also use this to invite your friends to the next abortion rights protest.

a nasty woman (1).png

Nasty Woman 7x5 Notecard

Print these out. Use them to study. Become the smartest, sharpest nasty woman that there ever was. Show the world what you are made of.

Your Pussy Is god, and i love it..png

Pussy is god 5x7 card

Look, we all love the singing/songwriting goddess King Princess. I took one of her most iconic lyrics and put it on a card. Because you know what? Your pussy is god, and I love it.

fuck-bookmark (1).png

Fuck bookmark

When you are on the subway, tube, or any other public transportation and someone asks you, “You’re not one of those feminists are you?” You can just pull this out and tell those idiots to fuck off.


Princess 7x5 card

This card says “I don’t need a prince to save me,” and lets all those people with savior complexes know that they need to step down. I would put this on any and everything you can.


innocent 7x5 notecard

Classic Britney Spears quote to spice up your note taking. You aren’t that innocent because you know exactly who you are and what you want. Take it.