My 2019-2020 Planner

My 2019-2020 Planner


Don’t you hate when planners include everything to help you plan your day but they conveniently leave out destroying the patriarchy? Ya, same. Which is why I designed this planner especially for Funky Feminists like yourself!

This planner includes daily pages from September 1, 2019-June 30, 2020 as well as full calendar pages for every month. In total this planner has a page count of 196 and is the size of a small paperback. That means you can carry this little gem around in your purse, backpack, bag, pocket (but let’s be real, the only person who could carry this in their pocket is someone in “men’s” pants, amiright ladies?), etc.

Included in this planner are:

Art by your favorite feminist artists

Different empowering quotes by badass women on every page

  • Journal prompts

  • Numbered Lists

  • Discount Codes galore

  • and more!

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