You Take A Drunk Girl Home

By Landon Funk

“That’s how you know the difference between a boy and a man – You take a drunk girl home” is the title lyric of country singer Chris Janson’s newest hit single, “Drunk Girl.” The song tells the story of a girl who is drinking her sorrows away at a bar, and a man at that bar takes her keys and drives her home. In every chorus, listeners are reminded that this man tucked her into her bed, put her keys on her table, and left her to sleep by herself. This is how you tell the difference between a boy and a man, according to Janson.

A man is someone who treats women with respect, and a boy is someone who…doesn’t? Does this make sense to anyone? No, it is not just me? Great. Janson and the two other writers, Tom Douglas and Travis Hill, are saying that boys would try to partake in some sort of disrespectful manner when they take a drunk girl home (i.e. forced sexual activity, guilt, shame, etc.).


When someone is as drunk as the girl they describe in the song, any form of sexual activity – kissing, oral sex, vaginal and anal sex, etc. – is SEXUAL ASSAULT or HARASSMENT. Bottom line. Nevertheless, this song is still one of the most frequently played on country radio. Why? Because no matter how many “me too’s” there are, the old adage “boys will be boys” still carries more weight. After all, if a woman was drunk and a man drove her home, the least she could do is sleep with him, right?

If someone treats someone else with respect, the former should not expect payment, favors, or even gratitude from the latter. 

So riddle me this, Chris Janson, how long do women have to wait for a boy to turn into a man? How long do we have to put up with unwanted advances? Date rape? Forced blow job favors? Shame? It is not our job to wait for boys to turn into men. It is everyone’s – men and women – job to teach boys to respect women no matter what their state of mind.

There should be no difference between a boy and a man when you take a drunk girl home.