Why Do Women Hate Women?

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By Katiee McKinstry

The most important thing I have learned on my feminist journey is to support other women. Feminism is about lifting each other up, and using your voice to love one another. How can we even begin to make a difference if we’re not fighting together? Leading me to the question, how can women hate other women?

Women are always other women’s competition. We fight over fashion, partners, careers; we are taught from a young age never to wear the same outfit as another woman at a party, and to always look, talk, and act better than each other. BUT WHY? In order to be the strong force that is woman, we must work together. If we are constantly fighting each other, we won’t be able to make a change.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I haven’t been a part of this woman-hating epidemic. I was raised the same as most of you: to always be out doing other women. For what? Why am I making other women my competition, when we could join forces and be more powerful than ever? Especially in this world of social media. As a blogger, I have met a ton of women who are all struggling to make it in the writing world. It’s so easy to compare myself to those who seem “more successful than me” and to be jealous of their photos and fashion. However, I’ve learned to work with these women - by empowering them, I feel empowered. I comment on their posts always cheering them on, I read their blogs, and support them however I can. We help support each other, and further our careers together.

That is the essence of feminism, is it not? Helping each other fight for a common goal, instead of fighting each other for the goal. Support each other. Send love and good vibes. Let’s fight the patriarchy together, baby!