Poetry Corner: She Is A Wildflower

By Gabi Morris

She belongs among the wildflowers
Somewhere where she feels free
But she embeds her feet through this forest of thoughts
Where she cannot see neither wood for tree

A daisy chain crowns her soul
Whilst she wanders the woods of her head
Yet she’s chaining herself to tumbleweed
Tripping the mud path musings with every tread

She cannot glimpse the wood for the trees
Seasons are reasons to reminisce their rhymes
and petals paper-cutting stories into skin
Ruminating the rooted pain of past times

She’s rambles and ambles over words like they’re weedlings
Leaving bookfuls behind her before they even know their name
But never forgetting they’re there in the garden of her soul
On bookshelves embodied from the bushes of her brain

She’s a wildflower, burgeoning beneath her own toes
Wherever she goes she flowers again and again
But from the broken places flourish no wild child
For flower crowned thoughts sprout from the same stem

She’s wilting in all of this wandering and wondering
And suddenly through the jargon of this jungle it’s time to run
For staying ensnared in this bundled bud became more perilous
Than collapsing into a clearing to blossom

She’s a wildflower never blooming her wild
For it’s to be found in the wilderness of a far flung meadow
Where seeds are sprinkled by her soul and planted by her soles
And she prospers in places it was presupposed she’d never grow