What's So Sexual About A Bra Strap?

By Leslie Dawe

Flicking bra straps has been a game for a long time. In school, young boys will grab a girl’s bra strap and pull just to let go with a loud snap. In a weird twist of fate, girls are usually the ones who get in trouble because of how they stood up for themselves. Now, schools are sending girls who have visible bra straps home to fix the problem. These girls have been told that their bra straps or their short dresses may “distract” male students from their learning.

Dress codes in the Western Hemisphere have been coming under fire recently. Girls are constantly nagged to dress appropriately so that they don’t distract male students, or male teachers - which is completely ridiculous in my opinion. Girls are just trying to stay comfortable, and these dress codes are punishing them for it! Their reasoning, they claim, is that their staff is uncomfortable with the way that these young women are dressing, with thin straps and short skirts.

Pictured: Tallie Doyle by Jean Levac, The Ottowa Citizen

Pictured: Tallie Doyle by Jean Levac, The Ottowa Citizen

Fourteen year old Tallie Doyle of Ottawa, Canada, went to school in an outfit that included a tank top with spaghetti straps. Her parents approved, knowing that she was in violation of her school’s dress code. When interviewed by the National Post, Tallie said, “If they didn’t really want to see my bra straps I didn’t have to wear a bra at all.” This young lady has decided that this issue is one that needs to be dealt with. She believes that she has the right to wear what she likes because she also has the right to feel comfortable regardless of her school’s policy.

This is the 21st century not the 18th century, and if boys and teachers are distracted by the sight of a student’s bra straps, they should probably address their own issues instead of telling girls that they can’t wear tank tops when they want. Schools are shaming young girls for displaying their bra straps and for wearing short skirts. As a result, they are humiliating and shaming girls for how they look and unfortunately, stereotyping males as being unable to control their impulses. Not all males are unable to control themselves, it is the few that have their stories told that give a bad name to men.

Am I the only one who does not understand why a thin piece of fabric, the bra strap, is a turn on? I think that if a teacher can not handle being in a classroom where a young girl has bra straps showing, he or she should not be a teacher. It is a teacher’s job to make their students feel safe in their classroom and not feel like a sexual object. Why does the girl who is just trying to be comfortable have to miss classes while the boy who is “distracted” gets to continue their classes?

These young girls have the right to an education just the same as the boys do. If boys are being taught that a girl’s bra straps are sexual, then that will be the reality. Teaching boys that bra straps are sexual is promoting rape culture, saying that it is okay for the boys to see it as sexually explicit. A young woman should never feel that her body is something to be ashamed of, nor should she be forced to tolerate the stares and cat calls.

So, are bra straps sexual? The quick and easy answer is no.