Ultra Music Festival In Asia Is In Record-Breaking Mode

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By Pollen Lekau

What Is the Ultra Music Festival about?

Anyone into electronic music has either caught a whisper, a wave or a whiff of the Ultra Music Festival. This is a music an electronic dance music festival that only comes around once in a year. The festival comes around in March in the sunny city of Florida. It has now expanded its reach globally to share the vibration with EDM die-hard fans. The festival has an attendance that would make a statue blush.

Throughout the years there has been a shifting and reshuffling of the festival's schedule. The initial schedule changed from the earlier plan to host the show as a one-day event, hosting it for four days in a year within a two consecutive weekend schedule and finally resorting back to the old one day a year schedule & sporadic occurrence that accommodates its global festivities. Luckily, you don’t have to keep up with the continuous changes to the schedule. All you have to keep up with is the rhythm of the best electronic dance music tunes this festival is consistent in providing when it does come around. The festival has grown beyond its cocoon in the USA. Once the tickets are distributed to the public locally or globally, there is no turning back the mass of music enthusiasts that want them. Here is the lowdown about the Ultra Music Festival in Asia

When did UMF expand into Asia’s entertainment industry?

Six years into the domination of the Asian continent, we are gearing up for Ultra Music Festivals 7th edition of the Ultra Korea series of festivals. Seven years have gone by that fast. We hardly noticed as the sensational beats of the electronic music blasting through the speakers have kept our attention and feet rocking in tune. June was the month which the festivals colossal meteor of entertainment landed on. The lineup was fit for only the wildest dreams that an EDM fan could conjure while they immersed themselves in the sounds of Dj Snake playing in the background. Only this time, it was so real you could feel every pinch of the lineup that graced the stage between the three glorious days in June. Allow for your music palette to be catered to with this list: David Guetta, The Chainsmokers, Steve Angello and many more were on stage for this welcomed Asian Invasion. This was a jam-packed festival with a multifaceted focus that played a part in the global expansion of the American founded festival into other global terrains. This festival has a turnover of billions of dollars since its establishment in 1999. It is not only the fans and artists that benefit from this festival, but the tourism industry and the government also reap the rewards of the revenue it creates.

What is the history of the Ultra Music Festival?

The history behind the festival is one Russell Faibisch and Alex Omes can proudly tell stories about since its success has carried over into its second decade. Depeche Mode’s album titled Ultra released in 1997 influenced the EDM festivals name.

When did UMF go global?

Going global just in 2008, the Miami, Florida based EDM (Electronic Dance Music) festival has taken a chunky bite at the Asian continents mass market. With a whopping 400 000 electronic music die-hard fans attending the festival in 2017, it is no mistake how this force of electronic music is crushing competition without even breaking a sweat. The 20-year-old festival broke another record in 2017 which was a new record in attendance. Ultra Asia' attendance beat the previous 330 000 people showing up for two successive weekends of the festival in 2014. Among its long spanning existence, the festival has also held a record of the high number of sold presale tickets within five minutes of issuing them out to the public for distribution in 2014.  

The best Ultra Music Festival ever in Asia

The annual festival was met with a warm reception by the Asian audience.  The stages were abuzz with artists belching out their best performances and DJs playing the most rad tunes to keep the crowds pumped throughout the festivities. 2017 was the year that the festival fully unleashed its wrath throughout Asia. Starting its journey from India, Indonesia where the “Bali Music week” was launched successfully to the public. The festival managed to warm the crowd up for the celebrations that were about to follow soon. A three-day celebration of Ultra Japan was hot on the heels of this introductory week. Once the floodgates were opened, scores of fans poured in. The turnout and spirits of the Japan audience didn’t disappoint either. The other Ultra Asia occasions managed to rake in about 400 000 attendees by the time the raving fans were thoroughly entertained and partied out. Hong Kong amongst all the other venues throughout the Asian continent was sold out. Those who didn't attend didn’t miss a beat of the occasions that occupied the landmass. Live streaming kept every one of the 25 million viewers who watched the festivities from Japan, India, Singapore, and worldwide audiences vigorously entertained. 

Right before the 2017 show 

Wasting time is not a privilege Ultra indulges in. Right after the 2016 festival came to pass, the announcement of the 2017 show followed very quickly. The date of the electronic festival was set to be between the 24th and 26th of March in 2017. It didn’t take long for the tickets for the festival to be sold out. It took only a month for the general admission tickets to be sold out for all the venues since their availability on the 4th of October 2016. One of two lineups of the artists labeled Phase 1 was issued out for the public on the 7th of November while people were still checking if they got the right tickets. This lineup featured a collage of artists that included every genre in music. The likes of hip-hop crooner Ice Cube, South African Dj Black Coffee, Carl Cox, Steve Aoki, Tiesto, and many other megastars were listed as headliners of the upcoming festival. The phase 2 list was released two months later on February 9th in 2017. Already containing a powerhouse of artists to rock the crowd for the span of the show, there was more ammunition in store. Showlek, Jai Wolf, Vini Vici were among the addition of musicians that made the list. Phase 3 was unveiled on the 9th of March. Crowd favorites The Chainsmokers and Martin Garrix were among the final acts featured on the epic three night’s list. A surprise guest closed the festival on the main stage alongside Dj Snake on the last night of the trifecta.

What happened at the Asian UMF festival

Friday & Saturday night of the show progressed as planned with a few memorable moments on the stage of UMF Radio. The stage was mostly packed with sets from the artists who make up part of the collection from the Mad Decent record label.  Martin Garrix played an amazing set on stage in addition to the jam-packed lineup.

Conclusion about Ultra Music Festival in Asia

It is unknown whether the next Ultra Music Festival in Asia will beat the record set in 2017. But one thing is for certain, the Ultra brand has become a global force you should catch up with