Touch Me, Baby

By Autumn Morris

Touch. Such a powerful thing. We have discussed previously the beauty in personal touch, AKA masturbation. Today let’s take it a step further and discuss the power of a partner’s touch.

Each one of us has a specific algorithm for pleasure. Masturbation is a key way to figure out this exact algorithm for ourselves. How do we explain what we like to a partner? And furthermore, how do we figure out what our partner likes as well?

Is he more into ball fondling? Or maybe she is into a good pussy pat? The key to pleasing is paying attention. As you get intimate with your partner, observe how they move, sound, and react when you try different things. If you nibble on a specific area and your partner gets louder or pulls you closer, it’s safe to say what you are doing is pleasurable, keep going. Here is some key language that can be used to describe what you like to your partner or even just ideas to try out:

  • Orbiting – a term used to describe circling around a sensitive area (i.e. the clitoris, testicles, or nipples). This can be pleasing to those who have super sensitive reproductive organs and secondary reproductive organs.

  • Accenting – this is paying special attention to a specific area on the body, typically called the “hot spot” or erogenous zone. This area is usually high in nerve endings, and it can be pleasing to touch, rub, lick, and suck.

  • Layering – the concept of intimate touch with a barrier. Someone into layering may be pleased by being touched, rubbed, or squeezed through their clothing, the bedsheets, or anything that creates friction.

  • Hinting – this is similar to orbiting in the way that this caters to those who have super sensitive hotspots that are irritated by direct and consistent stimulation. While pleasing someone who enjoys hinting, you will give attention to the areas of skin around the hotspot and every once in a while, briefly touching the hotspot directly.

  • Pressure Building – while we typically think of stroking when it comes to intimate touch, sometimes pressure can be just as satisfying. Someone who enjoys pressure building may have certain areas that they want squeezed or firmly pressed (this is where our good firm pussy pat comes in).

  • Shifting – along with orbiting and hinting, shifting also caters to those with a little extra sensitivity. Pleasing someone who enjoys shifting means you shift and move the skin around the hot spot to create friction without direct stimulation. The pleasure is in the pushing/pulling effect around the erogenous zone commonly used in sensual massage.

Intimate touch is vital to pleasure and it all comes down to the stimulation of nerve endings amongst the body. Talk to your partner and find out how his/her body is best stimulated. Whether they want to be pressed or stroked, hinted or accented, ask about their sensitivity and find out where their “hot spot” is. Also, make sure your partner is aware of what touch works and doesn’t work for you. What gets you there? A pubic press? Sucking on your ears? Soft stroking of the penile shaft? Orbiting of the clitoris?

We all have an algorithm, what’s yours?

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