Poetry Corner: Through The Looking Glass

By Gabi Morris

You tell her that she’s beautiful
And she scorns, exclaiming “how?!”
When there’s freckles scuttling her cheeks
And coffee stains tarnishing her mouth

She queries it again
How can she have such allure
Whilst her skin is so uneven
For her body is corroded with flaws

How can she possibly be enticing
With these tendrils that won’t grow fast
And a tasteless tendency to bite away
Nails that she can seldom make last

Where’s the charisma in the faulty features
Making her more torn each one she tears
From the bright blemish in her shame
To the wardrobe full of colours she never wears

How can you even utter that word
When her framework is so elephantine
When the shape of her smile is asymmetrical
With more waist width than self esteem

Where’s the beauty in carrying a cage
That a girl has forged from her entirety
A handbag of bones and a journal full of jargon
As her two intrinsic accessories

But she’s trapped standing outside of a mirror
Yet locked in the looking glass failing to see
What you do through no pained perception
For she’s most beautiful when she is free