The Global Issue

By Madison Kushner

I attended the Augusta, Maine Women's March a few weeks ago, and there were about 2,500 individuals who came out, some incredible speakers who spoke on global liberation for all people, and lively energy that kept hope in all of our hearts. The march helped me to listen to my inner voice and find out what feminism means to me. There’s nothing quite like organized and smart people discussing positive change for the future. I think that, for me as an individual at least, it is so easy to get lost in and only focus on this country’s suffering and issues. However, the truth is that America’s issues are everybody’s issues, just as the fight for equality in the queer and trans community is the fight for everybody’s equal rights.


My friend of Somali and Yemen decent was recently telling me about an ongoing war that I had never even heard about. There has been a civil war in Yemen for over one thousand days. South Sudan is also in a constant struggle for food, resources, medical supplies, education, birth control, and safety.

Incredibly powerful indigenous Maya folks along Lago De Atitlán in Guatemala work tirelessly to make ends meet while being payed small wages and not having sufficient access to long-term education, medicine, or birth control.

There is a violent and frightening ongoing war between the Israelis and Palestinians that has brought mass death among people who want to live in peace. For over twenty years, more than 10,000 deaths have been recorded - many more of course have not been recorded -   within the Arab-Israeli conflict.

In the Comarca region of Panama, the indigenous Ngäbe-Buglé people are working towards sustainable farming, creating goods, taking care of their communities; and, also fighting off new power plants and mining initiatives that actively destroy their fertile land. For decades now, various presidents and other high-up business people have sold resources taken from the Comarca region.

The beautiful Venezuela is being tragically torn apart by a corrupt government with Maduro being described as a dictator. The people will not be silenced- they have protested their conditions, which has sadly lead to many deaths. Food shortages are causing widespread famine, a lack of medical supplies is the cause of constant deaths, and an economic crisis has the country living in fear. I have many dear friends from back home in Florida who pray for their families and know they may never see their land again. All over this world, suffering is enormous and must be studied in order to be stopped.  

Conversation with others who are interested in learning more about global injustice is both exciting and also necessary. Getting educated, speaking out politically, being socially active, and getting involved locally are all ways that I’ve started to be the feminist that I am proud of.

Using this blog post, or my Facebook wall as a safe platform to speak out is very important, but it’s really the least I can do. The US’ dangerous, ignorant, and impulsive President needs to be monitored constantly; but, there’s also much more for us to think about. It’s pretty unbelievable how big this world is. How many daily issues women and all people around the world are facing. We must make sure to humanize and focus on as much as we possibly can. Everybody is equally important and deserving of a safe and successful life.