This Show Will Be Your Next Binge

By Katiee McKinstry

The Bold Type is the feminist show you need to be watching, and I’m not being dramatic - every episode of this show not only inspires me, but it also makes me extremely jealous. Let me tell you why:

The Bold Type is a show about three powerhouse women working for a fashion magazine called Scarlet. One is a social media director one is a journalist, and one is a fashion assistant. These women tackle the everyday challenges of the fashion reporting world. However, they also address some of the biggest feminist politics of today.

The show focuses on LGBTQIA+, racial, and feminist issues. Throughout the show, the characters talk about what it means to be a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. The women tackle dating in the millennial world and what that means for young, career women. The Bold Type expands the conversation on feminism, and everything that encapsulates. Also, how amazing would it be to live in a New York apartment and work for a number one fashion magazine? Not to mention, these girls are the most stylish people I’ve ever seen in my life.

On top of everything else, one of the biggest messages of the show is friendship. These girls meet up in the Scarlet’s fashion closet, where they choose different outfits for photoshoots, to sort through their hectic lives, together. The amount of love and support they give to each other is amazing. Their boss at Scarlet is the most supportive boss I’ve ever seen. She carries herself high and strong and cares deeply for everyone who works for her, which is evident in the talks she has with the characters about their lives and how they can improve at work.

My aunt told me about the show a couple months ago. I started recently and can’t stop binging it. Not only do these girls have my dream career, but they kick ass in the world of feminist media. I don’t want to give too much away as far as spoilers, but trust me, you need to watch this show. The Bold Type is available on  Freeform, but I stream it on Hulu.