What Makes You Super Sexy And Sensual?

By Autumn Morris

Now, let’s get one thing straight… I have NEVER viewed myself as “sexy” or “sensual”. Clumsy? Yes. Dorky? Sure. Awkward? You got it dude. Sensual? HELL NO. But for the next few minutes, let’s activate our inner “sexy”, shall we?

Close your eyes, and think of “sensual.” What do you see? I see someone who is seductive, engaging, and mysterious. But what is more important is what I DO NOT see: a specific look. I do not see a specific body type, skin color, hair length, etc. This shows me that “sensual” and “sexy” are not reliant on how you look. Sensuality is all in the energy you carry and give off. So, truly, ANYONE can be sensual. All we have to do is master our energy. Let’s give it a try.


Start off by believing that you are sensual and capable of sexiness. You are attractive, you are intriguing, and you are enough. Whether you need to say it out loud, write it on paper 100 times, or just think it to yourself, it is KEY that you believe you are sexy before anything else. When you believe it, you become it.

Next, tap into your seductive energy. Reach into your confidence, access your magnetism, and activate your charm. You are a persuasive and noteworthy being. But, you already read about this last week so no need to babble!


Now, check in with your body. Strike a power pose! Sit or stand in a way that makes you feel alluring and maybe even suggestive. Note that your mind drives your energy. When you think of something arousing, your pupils dilate and your lips enlarge and become a shade or two darker. Arousal also influences your facial expressions by hinting at your thought pattern as your energy in total becomes inviting and sensual. Think of something that turns you on! Allow your body to indulge on a sensual roller coaster.

Are you comfortable? Do you love what you’re wearing? Have you eaten well today? Are you calm? Or are you stressed? All of these may seem like unrelated questions, but ask yourself, when you see “sexy”, do you see hungry, agitated, and uncomfortable? I don’t think so, honey. Part of being sexy is self-care. If sensuality comes down to the energy you carry, then you need to make sure that energy is always balanced by having a happy mind and body.

So here is where we are. We believe we are sexy, we are tapping into seduction, our body is on board, and most importantly, we are comfortable. Now, we engage. Whether you practice alone or practice engaging the beautiful person across the room in a nightclub: engage with your eyes, engage with your smile, engage with your gestures. OWN your energy and communicate your desires with your movements.

Are you following along?

If you are, then I can guarantee you, the energy you were giving off before you started reading this is quite different from the vibes you are exuding now. Carry that sensual energy with you and utilize it. Sure, I can be dorky and clumsy and awkward, but I have the power to be sexy and sensual as well. Now, it’s your turn. What makes you sensual?