Sugar Waxing DIY

By Robyn De Leon

Is waxing expensive? Does wax irritate your skin? Are you a woman who prefers no hair?

Then sugaring is for you!

Sugaring is a practice with the same objective as regular waxing: getting rid of all that body hair. However, sugaring is natural, safer on the skin, and an easy DIY project. Sugaring consists of the wax itself, which is made from sugar, lemon, and water and skillful fingers or waxing stripes. Today I’ll be sharing the ingredients and directions I follow.

The first time I made sugar wax, I followed ( recipe and that’s the recipe I will be sharing, but depending on certain variables, I alter as needed to be open to doing the same.

Ingredients (for 1 batch= ¾ of a 12oz mason jar):

2 cups of white sugar




¼ lemon juice



⅛ of water

1 tsp of guar gum (optional)




Candy thermometer (optional)

Container to store wax in

Pan or pot

Preferably something you don’t mind ruining to stir

Wax strips (optional)

**or make your own as I will mention how below

Directions (making the wax):

Once you’ve gotten all your necessary supplies, have them laid out and ready. Start by placing all of your ingredients in a pan or pot. Place on stove, turn heat to high and stir. Keep stirring and leave on stove until it starts boiling. You want the wax to be light, not dark because then it caramelizes. Pour into container of choice, let it sit at room temperature to cool then you’re ready to use!

Directions (sugaring):

There are different techniques used when it comes to sugaring, but I’m going to share a pretty simple one. Once my wax is done cooling, I put baby powder on the section I’m working on to absorb all the moisture which can prevent the wax from working properly and then I take a butter knife and literally slather it AGAINST the grain of my hair. After, I take my self-made wax strips...

**(Quick detour: I made my wax stripes from a 100% cotton sweater that got messed up in the washing machine, denim also apparently works as wax strips too)

… and I lay the strip on the section, rub it over a bit, then pull quickly WITH the direction of my hair growth. And that’s it!

Enjoy your freshly and cheaply made DIY waxing routine and if you don’t wax then that’s fine too! Hair or no hair, you’re beautiful babe xoxo.