Tired Of Healthcare Leaving You Behind? Me Too

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By Autumn Morris

Birth control can only be effective if you use it and it’s hard to use it when the healthcare system makes it as difficult as possible to access.  It infuriates me when I think of the amount of times I had to come off of birth control for a month because my prescription was discontinued or there was a miscommunication between my doctor and my pharmacy, or my doctor wouldn’t send a new prescription without seeing me. As a woman who is in school, works a full-time job, and is in the Army, it is just not ideal or affordable for me to go to the doctor every 3 months just to ask for more birth control. And I HAVE access to healthcare and health insurance. I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it is to attain birth control without the privileges that I have, if it is even possible at all. It is not a small portion of people struggling to get their hands-on birth control, 10 million women aged 19-64 have no health insurance and 19 million women lack reasonable access to birth control.  So, this is not just a “me problem” this is an “us problem” and it needs a solution NOW.


A few months ago, I ran across a company called “Simple Health”, and let me tell you, it has been a game changer. The premise of the company is to connect people with birth control without the hassle. Once I signed up, I did an online consult. Yes, I said ONLINE, so I could complete the consult whenever I had time. Basically, I was prompted with a bunch of questions pertaining to my health to make sure that birth control is a fit for me. And the best part, “how many sexual partners have you had” was NOT one of the questions! My info was then sent to a doctor in my area to look over and prescribe birth control if there weren’t any contraindications. My doctor was able to prescribe the brand of the pill that I’m already on, so I didn’t have to worry about having any hiccups in transitioning. If you have health insurance, the birth control is usually free and starts at $15/month without insurance for generic pills.

However, my insurance happened to be one of the few companies that had a high co-pay. When I reached out to Simple Health’s customer service for help, they assisted me quickly in making my birth control as affordable as possible. I have never interacted with a healthcare team that was more determined to cater accessibility. Even if you don’t have health insurance, Simple Health will find a way to get your birth control to you as cheaply as possible.

So now my birth control gets delivered to my door every month. How rad is that? No more inconvenient/unaffordable doctor’s visits, no more inconsistencies, and most importantly, no more being put on the back burner by a healthcare system designed to leave me behind. Simple Health takes my health as seriously as I do, and I am forever grateful that I found them. How accessible is your birth control? Is it time to switch to a company that puts you first for a change?