Shaving, Who Needs It?

By Paige Stewart

It’s winter, I never shave in winter - it’s way too cold and there’s no need because I don’t wear any summery clothes. But a few weeks ago I was getting ready for school, putting cream on myself when I saw that my underarms were quite hairy. My immediate reaction was “gross”. After realising what I’d thought I then asked myself “but WHY is it gross?” 

I recently watched a video on YouTube, it was an interview with one of my role models,  Jemima Kirke. When she was asked why she’d cut her hair (a well known defining feature) she said that it was the only thing that made her feel pretty, it was her “go to” thing and she needed to stop hiding behind it. 

I, after catching myself shaming my own body hair, have decided to now let it grow. 

I’m consciously changing the way I view body hair and the way I view MY hair in particular. 

“Women are like bars of soap. After a while they lose their freshness, become worn and a bit hairy.” - Robert Black. 

Triggered? Me too. 

Again we can see that hair on women is frowned upon and discouraged when it’s a completely natural thing to have. When we see a hairy man walking around the beach we don’t even look twice, but I can tell you now a hairy woman would definitely be judged and gawked at. 

I think we all need to do it, why is it acceptable for men to have hair but not women? Why are some men considered sexier with beards whereas women constantly feel the need to go for waxes and things to make ourselves less hairy. 

I feel that being shaved and having long nails makes me seem all cute and feminine, but I’m trying to change that. I’ve started keeping my nails quite short and growing my hair. Now when I wear girly clothes interestingly enough I still feel the same. 

unnamed (1).jpg

We as a society need to get over the “hair on women is dirty” mindset and start embracing it - it’s natural for fuck sakes!

Growing my hair has made me explore other parts of myself that are also beautiful. I am seeing beyond what society has said was supposed to be attractive about me, being trimmed, ‘clean’, tamed and girly in a vulnerable way - the qualities that I like about myself are coming through more than ever and I’m seeing what I think we should all look for instead of judging each other on outward appearances. 

For all the women reading this I urge you to try growing your hair out. Be it your armpits, your brows, your legs - ANYWHERE! 

Dare yourself to change the way you view body hair and also the way you view yourself. 

Back in the times of cavemen, having a lot of hair was a sign of strength! I’m pretty sure all the strong women reading this can bring that trend back while smashing the stereotype that woman should barely have any hair. 

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