Sexting Myself

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By Autumn Morris

I love taking good pictures. I could probably take the crown as “selfie queen.” I don’t think that I look particularly better than any other human but taking selfies and pictures of myself is a way of documenting my most confident moments. So, when I feel less-than, I can scroll through my pictures and realize who the fuck I am: a bad ass (with a fat ass). While I love a good selfie and they are great pictures to use on my Tinder profile, my favorite pictures of myself have never been posted: nudes.

Why nudes?? Like, don’t I know what I look like naked? Of course! But I’ve struggled for a long time with feeling like a sexual prize instead of a sexual being. As if any time I stepped into my sexuality, it was solely for the profit of someone else. Furthermore, I struggled with feeling that only other people could activate my inner “sexy.” Is it even possible to be turned on by myself??


This toxic mindset I possessed inhibited genuine pleasure, healing, and growth. So, I decided to change the narrative. It began by taking nudes of myself FOR myself to fall in love with and unleash the sexual goddess that I am. My ritual is to indulge in self pleasure and then photograph my body after an incredible orgasm. Each picture encourages me to channel my sensual energy and capitalize on my pleasure. When I go back through the pictures, I am able to analyze my sexual energy from a third person point of view, be motivated by it, and step into it even more. I see how I have captured my body moving, my skin glowing, my pleasure radiating from within, my intensity climaxing, and my sexual energy seeping from my flesh. THAT turns me on.

Now, I am kind of a nudes EXPERT. As my body changes, my nudies folder keeps me grounded, grateful for, and obsessed with my amazing body. This obsession births more confidence and sensuality. Sure, they are great pics for partner play, and I do send my nudes to partners from time to time. However, they are selfcare first and foremost. Instead of hiding stretch marks, shaving body hair, and sucking in my stomach for the sake of the aesthetic, I find ways to artfully capture all of these qualities in the most beautiful, seductive way. These pictures represent me, my truth, and my pleasure.

Taking nudes is my jam! The more nudes I take, the more I learn about myself and the more I BECOME myself. It’s your turn now.  Become obsessed, photograph the beauty of your being. Be your own cheerleader on your path to finding your inner sexual goddess. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

What does your nudies folder look like???