Sex On The Rag

By Autumn Morris

My period drives me crazy. It feels like the world has to stop so that mother nature can tell me I’m not pregnant. The PMS, the excruciating cramps, the frequent bathroom runs, and not to mention, the halt of my sex life. And it seems that I’m my horniest while I’m bleeding! I had heard that having sex while menstruating was doable, but I always wrote it off so quickly. I never really understood how it could be done without making a huge mess. Would period sex even be pleasurable?

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to realize the usefulness of a mid-menstrual orgasm. Out of curiosity one day, I masturbated while bleeding. It was quite a success. Orgasming while menstruating has helped me with cramps, irritability, and sleep deprivation. The oxytocin released during orgasm lifts your mood to assist with mood swings, while the contraction and release of muscles during climax help settle your cramps. Sure, masturbating achieves all the necessities and temporarily quenches my horniness while menstruating, but I want more. How do I have intercourse without feeling gross or making a huge mess?


Luckily, more period-enhancing products are added to the market all the time. Sure, you could use a towel to catch any discharge, but companies also make period-proof underwear and blankets specifically for mid-menstrual sex. When it’s your time of the month, the world no longer has to stop. Several companies are hopping on this trend such as Dear Kate, Lunapads, PantiePads, ModiBodi, and my personal favorite: Thinx. These companies make several styles of period-proof underwear so you can still feel sexy, no matter the time of the month. Thinx also has a period blanket which is perfect for a worry-free sexual experience while mother nature runs her course.

If you don’t care for splurging on a new blanket but still want to enjoy a good nut, try shower sex! Shower sex is a great way to spice up your sex life while staying super sanitary during menstruation. No mess, no stress. Another venue would be a bathtub or a pool. Bleeding generally stops briefly while submerging in water, another no-mess idea. And if all else fails, go old fashioned and lay down a towel. Sex doesn’t have to stop just because it’s that time of the month. Enjoy your body, enjoy your partner, and get you a good dose of oxytocin while you’re at it. I’ve only found it to be beneficial, and I think you will too.