Spotlight: Gypsy Queen Scarlet Sinclair

By Landon Funk


I don’t know about you but my passion for feminism skyrocketed right after Donald Trump was elected to be the President of the United States. Bipartisanship aside, I was and still am incredibly upset that a man who said on tape that he could walk up and kiss any woman he wanted and “grab them by the pussy.” No matter what your political affiliation is, this kind of behavior is absolutely absurd and should never be tolerated. I started writing and speaking out more about social justice issues, and I started to get more and more feminist tattoos.

No, I do not have a sleeve, but I do have two incredible pieces of art on my body by the amazing, beautiful, gypsy queen Scarlet Sinclair. I found her while doing research on female tattoo artists in Los Angeles. I scoured all over the city trying to find someone whose art fit with my personal style and whose feminism was rampant. Scarlet was featured on a best-female-tattoo-artists of LA list, and I reached out to her after researching and LOVING her work.

Our sessions together have been about three hours long each – the first was a Venus symbol on my right arm and the second was a handmaid on my left forearm. That is a long time to get to know someone you have just met. What I learned was that she was a beautiful gypsy goddess who also does tarot card readings, has her own Gypsy Queen Shop on etsy, dances in burlesque shows, and has a dog-like cat that loves her fiancé’s music.

If it was not already clear, Scarlet is a complete a total badass who is living her best life in Los Angeles. She moved to the west coast from New York City and still goes back a few times a year to tattoo her east coast clients. She currently tattoos out of a private studio she shares with one of her fellow tattooers, and she does tarot card readings at The Green Man in North Hollywood.


One of the things that I love about this woman is that she is unapologetically herself. She has a unique style and is eager to talk about magick, feminism, her vast tattoo collection, and really whatever else comes up in conversation. Furthermore, Scarlet has made huge life changes when she needed to – like moving across the country or quitting a job that was not making her happy. She knows how to take life by the reins and go any direction she pleases.

If you want to contact Scarlet, you can find her on:

  • Instagram at @scarlettatttoos and @gypsyqueencaravan
  • Etsy at Gypsy Queen Shop
  • Email at