Don't Give Up - Recovery Is Just Around The Corner

By Leslie Dawe

I’ll start with getting better is not an easy thing to do; it's actually really hard to get started. My path started with these words, “I care about you, you’re an inspiration and your worth it”. I thought that there was no way that I would get better.

Everything started to hurt, I was scared to speak and scared to help others (something that I loved to do more than anything). I always loved socializing, and it became a chore. Honestly, I spent days not wanting to eat and sleepless nights curled up crying on the floor.

I have had rough days recently I was terrified that I would have to start at square one. But recovery isn’t a straight line, it has its jagged edges. It can be both the hardest thing and the easiest thing for you to endure.

My first step was to learn that not everyone will listen or care. Not everyone realizes that you need help, even when you ask for it.

Second, I became my worst enemy, I could tell myself something horrible about myself so often that I would eventually break under the unfortunate social standards I had put onto myself. Unreachable goals that I couldn’t match.

Finally, make sure your family and friends know that you love them and care about them. It will help you realize that you're not a bad person. That can help strengthen the bonds between you and them and make you feel so so much better about how your life is going.

But once my journey started it couldn’t stop. I felt a mental force pushing me to continue to better myself further. I started doing yoga again and going out to take pictures. The fresh air is underrated, it was probably the thing I was most excited for each morning. I felt invincible. Often times, popping in earbuds and listening to music while just holding a pencil and letting go of all my feelings allowed me some freedom to create anything my mind could come up with.

I’m still on my path to recovery, I may never be the same person I was before, but I know that I’ll come out stronger. Thank you to my friend “Sharky” for saying what got me back on my feet. If you’re dealing with hard times, it's okay. You’ll come out stronger than ever!

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