Radical Feminism Versus Liberal Feminism

By Katie Golway

For every philosophy, there are extremists who actively cause grief under the guise of religion, theory, or opinion. Though the foundation of feminism is advocating for equality, modern media has warped this reality in favor of those who want to establish power over men. There is no justice in an imbalance of power.


The belief promoting the superiority of women over men is called radical feminism. Radical feminism advocates for a society dominated by women. There are aspects of this movement that I agree with, such as reforming society and eliminating the discrepancy of power between men and women. However, I acknowledge that in order for society to thrive, there has to be impartiality.

I used to be adamant about disliking the male sex and their privilege. I have experienced oppression from the men in my life through fear tactics and manipulation. Being raised in such an environment gave me a warped idea of the norm. As I grew into adulthood, I came to realize that what I loathed the most was my personal household dynamic. My father ruled with an iron fist. I assumed every man would do the same.

While liberal feminism also encourages women to stand up for themselves, it focuses on an equal society where women are treated the same way as men. This method of empowerment is encouraged through peaceful protest such as the Women’s March on Washington and the Women’s Strike for Equality. There is still a discrepancy in pay, in the household, and in the media. Women make a fraction of their male co-workers’ paychecks. Through movements such as #MeToo, we have made advances for the sake of women in society by establishing connections and helping one another.


Liberal feminism is a movement that promotes lifting each other up for the sake of improving our world. Finding a community that does just that has given me opportunities that I had not considered even a year ago. When I was sexually assaulted, I did not speak of it for three years until I began writing for Funky Feminist. Through this website I was able to give myself a voice as I pursued my own healing journey. Liberal feminism has given me confidence to empower myself, it can surely do wonders for the world.

I, for one, doubt that we can improve our world by advocating for one gender to rule them all. At the end of the day, we are all human. Empowerment begins within oneself.

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