How To Choose The Perfect Sexual Position For Plus Size Comfort

By Natalia Setecka, part-time guest blogger and consultant at

Sex with the right person is a pure pleasure – and there's no reason to hide a body of slightly larger proportions under a layer of oversized clothes. When it comes to playtime, many plus size women feel uncomfortable at first. Following the popular saying - accept what you can't change, change what you can't accept - ask yourself what you can do to feel beautiful in your body.

This emotional self-confidence will ensure that during sex we will not be disturbed by low self-esteem. To start enjoying intercourse, consider the right sexual position in relation to your size. Many people whose partners are slimmer have problems with finding a position that will allow both sides to give in comfortably to the pleasure. In truth, this matter is trivial.

Discover your home anew

Assuming a position where the furniture acts as support is ideal for Plus Size partners. The experimental couple can start with the couch - the receiver should lie down so that their tummy and chest adhere to the armrest - then the penetrator may begin by standing behind their partner's buttocks. In this way, the weight is transferred to the furniture and both sides can have sex in a comfortable way. A bed will also work great If you do not have a sofa with sufficiently comfortable armrests - the receiver assumes a comfortable position, similar to that on the sofa, while the penetrator, depending on the height of the mattress can stand or kneel. This type of intercourse can also be cultivated on a table, although the bed allows for a shift into the cowgirl position. Other helpful tools include chairs, or more precisely, a singular chair. Ideally, you should have a tall bar stool, but an ordinary seat will also do. The receiver sits on the chair, the penetrator starts penetrating them from the front as they embrace the penetrator with their legs.



Although classic sexual positions do not seem to be the most adequate for Plus Size people, just a little modification is enough to make them comfortable. There are several possibilities: partners assume the missionary position with the penetrator below and the receiver above. It is the receiver who controls the depth of penetration, and any excess weight can be dispersed by leaning on hands against the mattress, or leaning backward and placing hands against the bed at the height of the partner's legs. Receivers can also turn their backs and allow their partner to penetrate in full view of their buttocks. On the other hand, if the penetrator prefers to be on top, there is no reason for them not to be – the receiver may lean their legs against the penetrator’s chest, increasing the depth of penetration.

An interesting alternative is spooning - the penetrator adheres to the receiver's back and the receiver can additionally put her calve through the partner's leg in order to facilitate penetration. Lying like this, the couple experiences a feeling of intimacy, the position is relaxed and comfortable for both sides. They can also experiment within the position - the receiver moves their hips, while the penetrator rearranges their position in relation to the body of the partner.

Take care of your self-confidence

Remember that the best position is the one that is most comfortable for both participants of the intercourse. At the same time, let's not forget that the choice of the position should take into account our psychological comfort – if a specific position causes you physical or mental discomfort, do consider another one. One's size does not have to be an obstacle and absolutely does not eliminate anybody from any sexual activities - on the contrary, some people are rather fond of curves!. By emphasizing their sex appeal, and above all being confident, Plus Size partners can fully show off their sexual prowess.