You Need To Support Planned Parenthood, And Here's Why

By ila b

With Planned Parenthood’s approaching 102-year-anniversary, I think it’s important to reflect on the importance of promoting reproductive and sexual health, especially among youth. America’s first birth control clinic opened up in a world where contraception was perceived as “obscenity,” and women weren’t granted the right to control their own fertility. Societal beliefs were that birth control was a security that women did not have the right to access. However, what began as illegal birth control clinics led to a conscious, global effort to make reproductive health and sexual/contraceptive freedom a right for all. 36 years after the creation of Planned Parenthood (which began as the first birth control clinic in America), the International Planned Parenthood Federation (furthermore, IPPF) was founded. This took place in 1952 at the 3rd International Conference on Planned Parenthood. In the proceeding 65 years, IPPF has spread its reach to over 170 countries in which they are able to give reproductive services to those in need.

Despite the operation of IPPF on the basis of providing health care regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, or status, there is still controversy surrounding the American government’s support of their cause. Many of us are aware of the heated debate between pro-life and pro-choice Americans and the protests both in favor and against the funding of Planned Parenthood in America. However, from the start of his term, President Donald Trump has made a very big decision regarding America’s involvement in facilitating global reproductive health care. In January 2017, Trump signed an executive order which reinstated the Mexico City Policy. This policy denies non-governmental organisations to use funds of any kind to perform abortions, and, if they do, they may not receive any US financial or healthcare aid.

This decision was one of many anti-Planned Parenthood moves carried out by the new president and his cabinet. However, despite Republican control of the two branches of Congress and the white house, the GOP-run government has not been able to successfully defund the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc.. The company is under fire now more than ever, as there is still a strong, conscious effort in our current government to limit the access to health-care services offered by the organization. Recently, Kentucky senator Rand Paul filed an amendment that would prevent organizations that support abortions from receiving government funds. This aggressive attack on Planned Parenthood would strip American communities of the major resource that is non-profit health centers. This puts those who are uninsured, who lack family support, and who would otherwise have no access to contraception in danger of losing access to services that, in some cases, are life-saving. Among the list of services provided at their clinics, you can find HIV treatment, general healthcare, patient education, and emergency contraception at costs that give their patients a chance at receiving the help they otherwise could not.

In order to fight against the aggressive attacks against IPFF, Americans must do their due-diligence. By educating one another, voting, contacting representatives, and defending the sanctity of healthcare, we can ensure that Planned Parenthood is here to stay.

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