"Old People Don't Have Sex"

By Autumn Morris

What is sexuality?

Sexuality is adventurous, sexuality is intense, sexuality is intimate, sexuality is personal, but sexuality is NOT short lived. Sexuality is something you carry with you until your heart stops. The desire for intimacy does not dim with age, but the fulfillment of intimacy might.  After interviewing several individuals who are child-bearing age and older, I found a surprising amount no longer feel sexually satisfied. Where does this come from, and how do I ensure sexual satisfaction for the rest of my life?


Our bodies change… ALL THE TIME. As they change, we have to stay cognizant of the developments and adhere to their limitations. Staying in tune with your body is the key to remaining sexually satisfied. If you know what your body is capable of, then you can explore within those limitations to find what pleasures you the most. Still, this is where a lot of people get stuck or settle for dissatisfaction.

After doing some research and consulting with friends, I found that doctors generally stop inquiring about our sex lives after we have kids or surpass childbearing age. This can be frustrating because that’s when our body begins to change a lot. How are we to know how this will affect our sex life? Hormone levels change, joint pain may be more prominent, high blood pressure, heart conditions, erectile dysfunction may occur, vaginal dryness, skin may become more delicate, etc. There is a lot going on and it is hard to keep up!

Without proper knowledge about these changes it’s easy to become self-conscious and lose our sense of self. Instead of letting these changes mark the end of personal satisfaction, keep an open dialogue with your doctor to find out how to maneuver around these changes and still enjoy yourself with your partner.

Are you or your partner suffering from vaginal dryness? Coconut oil may do the trick. Joint pain taking the fun out of intercourse? Try some alternative positions that cause less strain on your joints (trust me, there are plenty). Having trouble maintaining an erection? This is your time to explore the beauty of oral sex! There is a work around for everything. Doctors are the subject matter experts on your health - find out what work-arounds will get you back in the bedroom.


Sexual health is a timeless necessity. Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean your sex health isn’t just as important as it has always been. STD rates continue to rise even in older demographics. This goes back to staying in tune with your body. Just like your sexual satisfaction is important, so is your health and safety. Ensure that you routinely get checked for STDs while sexually active to ensure your health is not being compromised while you’re exploring the depth of your sexuality.

You’re getting older, your body is changing, but you are beautiful. You are sexy, you are vivacious, you are attractive, you are sensual, and everything about you is perfect. Each stage of your sexuality is just as important and exquisite as the previous. Be confident in your body as it is and be confident in your ability to please and be pleased.

The takeaway is: no matter how old you are, your sexual health and your sexual satisfaction are important. Do not let age take away your sexual fire.