Pro's/Con's Of New Years Resolutions

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By Katiee McKinstry

This year I will not be writing a new year’s resolution list. Sorry.

I genuinely don’t believe that NYR’s are worth it, and I am the type of person that makes lists for everything! Every year I make a NYR list and I don’t stick to anything on it. In fact, it ends up depressing me a little bit that I can’t stick to these insane and unattainable goals I set for myself. I understand why NYR’s can be beneficial to some, so here is a quick pro/con list (ha, sense the irony) if you’re debating if you should make some NYR’s or not.


  • Setting goals for yourself is a healthy way to improve your quality of life.

  • Starting the New Year with fresh ideas can be great for your mental health.

  • Making lists can be a great way to get organized!

  • Making a list of resolutions is a great form of self care.


  • A good majority of NYR’s are not stuck too, which can be really discouraging.

  • Everyone adds something about working out to their NYR, and suddenly the world is on a nutty health kick for a few months, making grocery stores and gyms SLAMMED when they otherwise wouldn’t be.

  • As humans we tend to set unreachable expectations on NYR’s, which can make us feel like failure’s when we don’t achieve them.

Moral of the story, to me, is that if you’re going to make an NYR list, make it with goals that are within your means. Set resolutions for yourself that you can and will stick to instead of reaching for something you know you wouldn't. This January, I think will be the first year I don’t make a list, and instead try to improve my quality of life a little each day. Meditate more, eat healthier, actually go to yoga. Things I can do, but won’t be disappointed in myself if I don’t.