Never Pregnant But Still A Mother

By Leslie Dawe

The direct definition of mother is a female parent who gives maternal tenderness and affection. In my experience, a mother will care for you even after you hurt them. All that they do is love you with no acceptation. I haven’t had a child but recently I have fallen in love with this really special guy. He has a 6 month old son, his son is special to me, just like his father. It has become a habit to say, “how are my two boys?” I have fallen in love with his father, and with that relationship also comes his son, they both are important to me.

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My boyfriend trusts me enough to see me as a mother figure for his son and for him to trust me that much makes me beyond happy. He referred to me as mom to his son, that made me happy too. When his dad said that he may have to take him to the hospital my heart dropped, i love that little boy with all my heart and he isn’t even mine. I was scared. I know now  what my mom meant by children being a worry. But what she never did tell me was that it's also the biggest relief to see them laugh and smile again after.

The first time I had the baby in my car, I was terrified to put the car in drive, I even bought one of those mirrors to be able to see the baby from the rear-view mirror out of fear. But I loved every minute of watching him smile and laugh. I shouldn’t have been scared, it was one of the best experiences of my life. Just before his father had to take him home I was playing with one of my small stuffed animals with him. He held on to the toy with his bone crushing grip, and I let him take it home.

If you had asked me when I was fifteen, “do you see yourself having a child by the time you’re 18?” I would have said No Way! I never thought that I could be a mother figure to a child at only 18, but his father sees me as the baby’s mother. Life has a strange way of working out, but life finds a way to get us through it.

I can’t imagine my life without them now, and I’m glad that my life happened the way it did. It left me with two amazing people and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

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