Spotlight: Meghan Markle

By Leslie Dawe

Meghan Markle, now Royal Rachel Meghan Mountbatten-Windsor, is known as a feminist. Her Royal Highness emphasizes her early activism, including how, at the young age of 11, she took on the company Procter & Gamble for a commercial portraying that “women all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans.” After her intervention and letters that Meghan wrote as a child, the company changed the ad to say “people all over America.”

Although she is known to be a feminist, she is going to be expected to stay clear of politics. Her Royal Highness is a woman who has given up her freedom and her career for marriage and chosen to marry into one of the most conservative and wealthy families on the planet. Her choice to sacrifice career in favour of marriage and motherhood isn’t considered “acceptable” in the ideals of modern feminism and gave her a life long commitment to women’s empowerment. She also volunteered at soup kitchens in Los Angeles and Toronto (where she filmed “Suits”), as well she worked as a women’s advocate for the United Nations and as a global ambassador for World Vision Canada.

A lot of people are watching to see if Her Royal Highness “dials back her activism,” since she joined the royal family, since she has a new, global platform. Now for her, political interventions are a major no-no.

She had once called President Trump a “misogynist” and posted an anti-Brexit picture on her Instagram which has since been deleted. Now as a Royal she cannot say these things, as it is not lady like nor is it going to look good on her royal reputation.

Meghan Markle is an inspiration to all who view her and know her story. I wish her all the best being a Duchess. Although the strong feminist is now meant to be quiet about her views, she has already given the world many of her opinions and views. Those views will never go away. She has given up her career for love, she is a strong woman, and perhaps she will find her own way to continue to express her views to the world.

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