Can A Man Raise A Feminist?

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By Katiee McKinstry

Before I get to the skinny on this article, can we all just say, “DUH!”? To be honest, even a man that’s not a feminist himself can raise a feminist. My father did! I accredit my feminism journey a lot to him because he raised me to be independent and strong. However, I decided to ask one of my male feminist friends his thoughts on this, and I think he said it best.

“I believe it is absolutely possible for a man to raise a feminist! Feminism is about equality and freedom of choice, and I believe these are basic principles of humanity. Children want to share, and they want to be kind. Fostering that behavior in children can lead to feminist adults. But also instilling in them the necessity to speak out against of injustice (or unkindness when they’re too young to understand social inequality) will further cement their beliefs and encourage them to be activists, instead of just people who believe in equality but do nothing about it. The ability to raise a child, and even a feminist child, doesn’t hinge upon the gender of the parent and to imply anything different is inherently anti-feminist,” Hunter Craft said.

I wholeheartedly agree with Hunter’s statement here. First off, the gender of the parent shouldn’t matter because MEN CAN (AND ARE) FEMINISTS. Instilling the basic principles of self worth and kindness in a child can lead to that child becoming a feminist activist, regardless of their gender.

My father does not identify as a feminist, mostly because he’s in his 50s’ and feminism is a scary word to him. (Ugh.) But he always told me I could be anything I wanted to be; he’s never pressured me to fall into any stereotype. I majored in English and journalism, and he never questioned me or told me to choose something more lucrative. While my dad and I have a very complicated relationship, I will always be grateful to him for letting me be my own person. Because of my dad always believing in me, I learned that in fact I can do whatever I set my mind to. Isn’t that the epitome of feminism?

Feminism is all about kindness and love, why wouldn’t you want your child to fight for that? The question, “can a man raise a feminist” is baffling to me, because it comes down to raising your child with respect and compassion. That can be done regardless of the parents gender, race, class, or sexual orientation. Ya dig?