Sick Of Wasting Your Money On Tampons? Try LunaPads Like We Did

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By Landon Funk

You have seen our partnership with THINX. You have read about our love of GladRags. But what if there was a period company that could bring you both free-bleeding underwear AND reusable pads AND a diva cup? Enter LunaPads.

MAIA Hipster

MAIA Hipster

LunaPads is a women-owned social mission driven business based in Vancouver, Canada. Their goal is to help people have more positive and informed experiences of their period, and by extension, their bodies overall. To do this, LunaPads encourages potential customers to take a quiz on their website that will help each individual find their perfect period product or set of products. When I first took this quiz, I was led to the MAIA brief, a period panty with a leak-proof lining and a removable insert for the especially heavy days. The MAIA differs from products sold by competing companies because of the removable insert, making it versatile and able to sustain years of use.

Which brings me to my next point. LunaPads is famous for their reusable pads – the LunaPads to be exact. Similar to other brands, these products snap onto your underwear and can last all day. At the end of the day, simply remove the pad and run cold water over it before throwing it in the washing machine. They are that simple.

As a founding Canadian B Corp, LunaPads are held to the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability, meaning that you can trust them. They are not like most store-bought tampon and pad brands that have a ridiculous amount of pesticides seeped into their cloth. LunaPads is healthy for both you and the environment. Sounds like a win-win to me.


Furthermore, their commitment to sustainability and social impact is “written right into the DNA of their company” – and it shows. Since its first days in business, Lunapads has committed to pad donations and supporting charitable cloth pad initiatives worldwide, through our Pads4Girls and One4Her programs. They also regularly invite women who want to start their own business to their office for consultation and mentoring sessions, providing leads, contacts, and advice (I wish I knew this when I was thinking about starting Funky Feminist!). That’s pretty freaking cool if you ask me.

So, to wrap things up – LunaPads is a company for menstruators by menstruators. They understand that everyone is different and needs options. What more can you ask for in a company that is dedicated to changing the world – and increase your savings (because periods aren’t cheap). Thank you, LunaPads for making menstruators confident and proud to have a period.