Luna Lovegood, The Girl Who Believed

By Rahel Prove

I think everybody who reads this has - at least once - taken a look in the mirror and found a thing they don’t like about themselves. It could be something on our body or about our personality, and I bet we all thought about how to change it. I bet not one of us smiled, gave ourselves a wink, and walked away.  We believe that others won’t like us for that thing, but the fact of the matter is that it absolutely doesn’t matter if we are not perfect. Don’t you think it’s about time to change that? Because I think so and so does Luna!


Yes, Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. For those of you who haven’t read the books or seen the movies, Luna Lovegood is a girl with light blond hair and a calm voice. She is frequently daydreaming and is thus very different from her classmates. Although she is bullied for being different, Luna does not take their words to heart because she believes in herself! And that’s reason enough for us to look up to her.

If you know Luna, you know that she never cares about what other people think. She loves herself and doesn’t think about changing for even a second. We all have to learn this at some point. If everybody was a little more like Luna, we would have a world with less bullying, less jealousy and much, much more love and happiness.

What I want to tell you is: Being yourself and showing your bright side makes you much happier than concentrating on the things you don’t like about yourself and trying to be like everyone around you. If we would all be the same, it would be a boring and grey world.

When I reread the Harry Potter series half a year ago, I started concentrating on Luna. I realized what JK Rowling wanted to teach us through her. Believing in yourself can make you happier, more beautiful, more confident.

At the time, I had almost no confidence because of my perceived body and feeling like a failure when I compared myself to my older sister and my best friend. I always had the worst grades between the three of us, and I never had a boyfriend - or really anyone who was even interested. On top of that, I am terrible at sports and couldn’t get invited to parties for the life of me. They received great grades, always had a boyfriend, got invited to parties, and were avid joggers.


When I started to get to know Luna and understand her, I realized what I needed to do to change my mood. What was it? I had to do absolutely nothing but learn to accept me for who I am and find my bright side. To do this, I concentrated on the things I’m good at and the things I love to do.

Because of my fear of never being as good as my sister or friend, I forgot how to be myself and to do the things I am good at. Harry Potter and Luna helped me through this time a lot, because I started writing Dramione-Fanfictions, opened a Harry Potter page on Instagram and saw Emma Watson as my idol. Through the series, Luna, and Ms. Watson, I dived into the world of the feminism and started to fight for women’s right. I was no longer scared to raise my voice..

At first I had to bear annoying comments from boys of my school. They yelled things like: “Women have no rights!” at me, but since I started believing and loving myself, I also became more confident, and I really didn’t care about what they said about me. Eventually, they stopped - probably because I ignored them.

I cared less about what others thought about me because I wanted to be happy. If I continued to tray and fit in with the crowd, I would have dived deeper into depression. When people don’t like me as I am, it is okay. I am not going to change just to make them happy.

Remember: Lookout for yourself and your wellbeing first.

As you can tell, Luna Lovegood kind of changed my life for that I am immensely grateful., Without Luna’s help, I wouldn’t be here today, happy and confident, writing a text for Funky Feminist and never letting anybody shut me down again.