This Is What Love Really Means

By Leslie Dawe


What is love? According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, love is a “strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties”. When I posted on Facebook asking what love meant to my Facebook friends, they replied with, “Love is when your partner rubs your back while they’re preparing/making supper.. it feels amazing and we can’t get quite enough! love is when your little sister will give you hugs and kisses.. love is when your grandma makes you a snack after saying your hungry and not even asking for anything to be made” and “love is having the worst day ever, and having your boyfriend say ‘sweetheart, everything is going to be ok’, and instantly feeling better because you know without doubt that they will do everything in their power to make that promise come true.”

Others just shared pictures, some of their animals, some of other people and some of what they saw as love. An example of which is a picture posted by my aunt of my grandmother and grandfather holding hands nearing the end of being together in life. That to me was love, being there even through the hard times.

With all of this, love to me is when someone will put you before themselves when you need it. Love is watching someone pick up their child when they cry to make them feel better and a mom helping their child learn to cook rice on the phone in the middle of their sewing class. Love can be defined as so much more than just “I love you”. It is a feeling that overpowers you and allows you to feel good about yourself and your relationship with others. It doesn’t matter who it is that you feel love for as it could be your friends, partner, parents, any family, or even pets. Love is when you care for people.

But love isn’t always seen that way. It is a word that so many people just throw around. They say that they love you, but do they? Well, sometimes they tend to say it to keep their partner around, to keep them as their companion when they don’t actually carefully about their partner. They only want company. Everyone is worth more than that. Every person deserves to feel actual love.

Oftentimes people think sex is love, but there's a difference between sex and making love. You’ll know when you love someone before you actually have sex, or the making love experience. Being true to yourself is the only way to know if you’re in love. Falling in love with a person and feeling the sexual desire aren’t the same as most people think they are.

Find love, it is there for everyone. Love is family. Love is friends. Love is what you feel when you care for someone. You can find love and feel love. You don’t have to feel alone because not every person that falls into your life is someone that you will love forever.   Everybody defines love different, and that's perfectly okay because only you know what love is to you.

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