Spotlight: Linda Fenelon, Founder Of NuPower Yoga

By Landon Funk


I have known Linda since I was thirteen years old. My brother, Rob, had just transferred to the school where I and Linda’s children went. One of her five babies was in Rob’s class, a handsome ten-year-old named Donovan, and the connection was instant. Because of their bond, our families became close, going out to dinner, on trips, and more with each other. We were inseparable.

A few years later, I babysat her two youngest daughters, Kiera and Ava, when they were still in elementary school and her second oldest, Liam, and I were engaged in a brief high school fling. It was rare that someone from my house went a week without being at theirs and vice versa.

When I went off to college, Linda got her two-hundred-hour yoga teaching certificate. My parents were some of her first private clients, and they were the ones who brought me to Linda’s yoga classes when I would come back home for a few weeks during the summer. It is because of her that I found a practice that healed me, making my body and – most importantly – my mind strong.


In one of my first classes, Linda told a story about a dream she had. She was sitting down by a creek, meditating. She saw someone guiding a yoga class. When she walked closer, she saw that it was her. She was the one who was teaching. Soon after her subconscious told her that yoga was her path, Linda signed up for teacher training.

Just under six years later, Linda opened her own yoga studio, NuPower Yoga in Nashville, Tennessee. The studio offers slow and power vinyasa, restorative, and sculpt classes. If you happen to be in town, come take a class or pop your head in and say hi at the very least. Linda’s dream is finally a reality, and one that she should be proud as hell of.

As a teacher at NuPower, I get to see first hand how much effort and love Linda pours into the studio every day. She encourages her students to push the limits and her teachers to get out of their comfort zone. Linda has been someone I look up to since I was thirteen. Now, I see her as an inspiration, a boss, a friend, and a mentor. It is rare to find someone who believes in you, and I am extremely lucky to have that in Linda. The light in me sees and honors the light that is in her.

If we all took a note out of Linda’s book, we would be better for it. She exudes strength, femininity, love, and peace. Linda is a beautiful shewolf who is here to change the world one student and one flow at a time.