Lick My Ass...Please

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By Katherine McDowell

A little over a year ago, I found my first fetish. I have always liked to be dominated a little bit in bed, but nothing that I could really call a fetish or sexual style. There was some light choking and tying up, but nothing that warranted a “Yes, this is a fetish” thought from my brain.

One day, I was masturbating and looking through videos on PornHub. If you have ever been on the site, you will know that a solid eighty percent of its content is complete garbage and the other twenty is between “meh” and AMAZING. I found a video that showed two women in a submissive – dominant- esque relationship. It was not technically BDSM, just one was clearly more dominant than the other one. In the video, the dominant told the submissive to lick her asshole. She got in a doggy-style position, and the submissive spread her cheeks and put her face right in the middle.

I have never been so wet and turned on in my entire life. I wanted to watch more and learn more about “ass licking,” “ass worship,” “ass and tongue play,” and everything that is not included by those three key phrases.

Those videos are what I have been watching for the past fifteen months, and what a glorious fifteen months it has been.

About seven months into this realized fetish, I started to date and become serious with my current partner. I wanted to ask him if I could lick and play with his asshole so badly, but I didn’t want to “be found out.” I felt shame towards what I wanted to do because it was outside what is considered normal sex, i.e. missionary position. For the first four months, I kept my desires a secret.

My partner makes me feel safe and is willing to try out whatever sex position, toy, act, etc. at least once. After experimenting a few times with lighter sex acts, I looked him in the eye and said, “I want to try something.”


“Sure,” he responded, “What?”

I then got really nervous. This was it. I was about to ask and let someone in on my desires. I looked away, asking, “Can I um lick your asshole the next time we have more dominant sex?”

He smiled a little and said, “Of course. I mean, I’ve never done it before but we can. Definitely.”

I felt a mix of relief, excitement, and anxiety. Now, I was going to have to do it.

And so I did.

It was super weird at first, but I got super into it. It was like giving a blow job but much better. To be quite honest, I like it about a million times better than a blowjob – maybe the possibility of not having cum all over your face or in your mouth is what did it. Who can really say. What I do know is that I liked it. Like I really liked it, but we could have guessed that based on my PornHub search history.

To my surprise, my partner also really liked it. He said that it felt weird at first but then the sensation was incredible after a while. I do not personally care for having my asshole eaten, but I loved being the eater. I think we found a good dynamic in which both partners are satisfied immensely.

I write all of this to encourage you, reader, to try something that you might not otherwise. Find a partner – whether that be for one night or forever – that will experiment with you. There is nothing stopping you from asking except for, well, you. Allow yourself to experience what you want to experience.

I can promise you will walk away from experimenting regardless of whether or not you ended up liking what you did with confidence and a better knowledge of yourself, your body, and your pleasure when you are done.