All I Want Is A Damn Pocket

By Leslie Dawe

Are you reading this on your phone? Well, if you’re like me, then you probably are. The iPhone 6, 7, and 8 Plus and even the 6, 7 and 8 are simply too large for my jean pockets. If I put my iPhone 7 Plus in the butt pocket of my American Eagle skinny jeans and have to bend over for something - it is most definitely falling out, likely be slipping into a toilet. I find it hard to believe that anything larger than a credit card will ever fit in the front pockets of my jeans...if they even have the front pockets. What if I wanted to put my phone down for a moment but there is no table near and I would rather not carry around an unnecessary purse since I don't carry anything around?


The biggest issue with women’s clothing is the lack of pockets: women's pants, skirts, dresses, and jackets often have no pockets, or fake pockets that serve absolutely no purpose besides allowing the consumer to believe they are purchasing an article of clothing with a handy pocket, until it’s too late. Perhaps the reason behind small pockets is to grow the purse industry, completely unfair to the consumer.

Women are losing their patience with this lack of convenience in our day to day lives while men’s jeans have HUGE pockets that can fit two of my phones in the front pocket while I can barely fit a few quarters. I am absolutely sick of asking my friend to hold my phone because I don’t have a pocket for it. What am I supposed to do with my phone? Drop it on the ground? I cannot fit my straight fingers in my back pocket, let alone my 7 Plus. I want more space in my pockets, I want REAL pockets.

Men don’t seem to realize exactly how lucky they are considering they have the space to put their phones in. (Or wallets, because women have wallets that are three times as big as a man's wallet because they want it to look nice). Wallets for women are so spread out to look pretty. I don’t understand why women seem to carry more cards than men so that we need these bigger wallets. And in addition to this, men’s wallets are normally black or brown, women’s wallets are a large variety of colours so that we need to buy more to match our large purses that we must carry because we have no pockets.

So, dear fashion companies, we want pockets. We need larger pockets. Not everyone wants to carry around a large purse or a phone. I don’t think that asking for larger pockets, and in most cases - pockets - is that much to ask in 2018.