Poetry Corner: I Am A Feminist

By Maya Arreguin

I am a feminist.
I am a feminist because I don’t believe that women are superior to men.
I am a feminist because I understand the meaning of the word.
I am a feminist because I understand that the word stands for gender equality on a political, social, and economical level.
And I stand for it as well.

I consider myself a feminist because I don’t appreciate the fact that two thirds of the illiterate adults around the world are women.
Because 98% of people that are trafficked for sexual exploitation, are girls, and women.
Because the most commonly asked question after a denunciating sexual aggression, abuse or harassment is what were you wearing at the moment of the misunderstanding?
Because people still refer to it as a misunderstanding.
Because in most countries, tampons and pads are still considered as luxury taxes.
Because like a girl is used as an insult.
Because even in developed countries, a woman is still paid less than a man for doing the same job.
Because we live in a society that teaches us not to get raped, rather than not to rape.
Because someone’s body should not be a subject constantly up for discussion.
Because a mother should have the right and freedom to breastfeed her child, no matter where she is, or who she’s with.
Because if an author wants to publish her book, she should feel free, and proud to put her name on it, with certainty that she'll have just as many readers, even though they know the author is a woman.
Because if a woman wears makeup, she's superficial. But if she doesn’t, she’s ugly.
Because a man that decides to wear makeup will most certainly be criticized, and called gay.
Because gay is somehow used as an insult.
Because any boy or man should feel free and safe to publicly open up about his feelings.
Because being human itself means having both masculine and feminine characteristics.  
Because women, men, transgender and non-binary should be respected and taken seriously no matter what they wear.

For all these reasons,
I stand here today,
To announce it to you,
And repeat it for you.

I am a feminist.