Got Breast Milk?

By Leslie Dawe


Everyday you eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and delicious snacks. Teenagers and adults get hungry and so do babies. When an adult is hungry, what do they do? They get food. How? You get up and get it. But what about for babies? They are not physically capable of getting up and getting food, nor are they capable of eating hard foods at only a few weeks of age. Mothers have to feed their children, and mothers everywhere are criticized for wanting to breastfeed. Tell me: what kind of mother would want to let their child to cry out in hunger for an extended period of time?

Society sees breastfeeding in public as an awful thing. Mothers are shamed for letting their child consume the nourishment that they need to survive, aka breast milk. While these women are being shamed, there are posters of women in lingerie plastered across walls. There are places such as Las Vegas where women only wear body paint and thongs. Nude ladies are posted everywhere. Still, society shames women who breastfed in public.

While a woman is breastfeeding their baby, they are often times asked to move to a private location. These women are judged because they decided that breastfeeding their child is important and the healthiest way to feed their child.

Breast milk is a very healthy option for newborns. The milk provides the baby with many nutrients such as colostrum, which is the ideal first milk and helps the newborn's immature digestive tract develop. It's high in protein, low in sugar and loaded with beneficial compounds that can help the baby stay healthy. It is also a cheap way to feed the baby because a woman produces it herself instead of purchasing formula mix for the baby. As stated by the breastfeeding center of Ann Arbor, “Total for one year:  Between $1,138.5 and $1,188.00 … these numbers are most likely low…”


There are plenty of men and women who do not see anything wrong with breastfeeding, but there are always the few that make women who breastfeed feel terrible. Some women even try to not leave home with their baby because they do not want to get caught breastfeeding in public, fearing that they will be judged.

The people who have an issue with breastfeeding do not have issues with Victoria’s Secret or La Senza advertisements with half naked women, so what is the issue with feeding a child?

Breastfeeding is NOT a bad thing, it is a natural thing, So, breastfeeding mothers, keep doing you. Don’t let society rule your lives. After all, it is natural.