Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For A Funky Feminist

By Autumn Morris

Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly! If you’re like me, finding the perfect gift is always tricky. What’s even trickier is finding the perfect gift within a good price range. So, we have put together a list of the PERFECT gifts for a Funky Feminist. And don’t worry, we have your pockets in mind too! Whether they are your friend, your partner, or somewhere in between, we know they will love these:

Fin by Dame Products


Dame is a feminist sex-toy company that caters to partner play and female pleasure.  Dame seeks to “close the pleasure gap” and make sexual experiences mutually enjoyable. As strong believers in self-pleasure, we know that your Funky Feminist will LOVE Fin by Dame to spice things up! Fin is a sleek vibrator with a tether option which makes it great for solo or partner play.

Lube Vial Necklace by Unbound


So maybe your Funky Feminist already has a lot of toys. Maybe you want to cater to her sexual desires in a different way?? Unbound not only has feminist sex-toys galore, but also have essentials like lube, and fun play-ware like erotic jewelry. But if you are unsure which accessory to get her, our recommendation is the “Lube Vial Necklace”. The design is super cute and guarantees she will never get caught without lube for those spontaneous sexcapades!

Fifth Element by Filthy Cosmetics


Not only do we love self-pleasure, we are huge proponents of self-care. Filthy Cosmetics is a vegan skincare brand that allows you to spoil your inner and outer goddess. From face masks, to body oils, to scrubs, we are sure you will find something that fits right into your Funky Feminists’ self-care routine! My favorite is “Fifth Element”. It’s a facial scrub that smooths my skin and scrubs away impurities, dark marks, and the patriarchy! (Use code “FunkyFeminist” for a sweet discount!)

Love Your Breasts Oil by Aroms Natur


Aroms Natur is another amazing self-care inspired option. My fav is “Love Your Breasts”made from essential oils.  It works as aromatherapy while it beautifully nourishes the skin. Your Funky Feminist needs the “Love Your Breasts Oil” to take her self love to a new level. (Use code “x” for a sweet discount!)

Thong Pantyliner by GladRags


If your Funky Feminist happens to also be a menstruator, then GladRags is a noteworthy choice. Gladrags creates reusable period products so you can look great, feel great, and save the environment, one product at a time. My current obsession is the Thong Pantyliner which allows me to feel sexy without destroying my undies no matter the time of the month.

The Hiphugger by THINX

Photographer: Julia Perkins Photography

Photographer: Julia Perkins Photography

Also, a great grab for your menstruating or discharge-y Funky Feminist! THINX is a period-proof underwear company that makes periods, discharge, or post-sex wetness sexy! Not only does the Hiphugger look amazing, but it keeps you dry no matter what you have going on in your pants. (Use code “FUNKY” for a sweet discount!)

We are positive that this list will solidify your place as “The Best Gift-Giver EVER!” But, don’t forget to treat yourself too. After all, everybody deserves a little love on Valentine’s Day. What will you be getting your loved ones on Valentine’s Day??