Have You Ever Met A Witch?

By Katie Snuggs

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if witches were actually real? Well, think again, because they are. We’re everywhere - living next door to you, running the shop down the road, scanning your food at the supermarket, smiling at you as you walk through the park with your dog. I guarantee you’ll have met at least one witch in your life, and I bet you had no idea, did you?

As a beginner witch myself, I have decided to educate some more people on what witches are really like, and what we really do. To help people understand, I asked three witches on tumblr (@witchcrafttips, @vivianthewitch and @lakefaerie) some questions about witchcraft.

Two have requested to stay anonymous, so we’ll call them Ava and Lauren.


When did you start practicing witchcraft?

Lauren: December 2016/January 2017
Ava: When I was 14
Vivian: When I was around 8-9

Why did you start practicing?


Lauren: I felt empowered by witchcraft, it made me feel aware of my own worth, power and ability to create change and influence my life just by using my will. Of course, I had a few tools to help me but ultimately I find the results stem from my own power.
Ava: I have always been drawn to magic, starting practicing and learning was the natural evolution of what I was already subconsciously doing. So there is no particular reason. Witchcraft has always been a part of me.
Vivian: I come from a witch family so it was almost like a requirement.

Are you eclectic?

An eclectic witch is someone who doesn’t particularly specify in one type of witchcraft, but dabbles in all kinds to create a style that works for them.

Lauren: Yes
Ava: Yes
Vivian: Mostly I am a green witch but I also specialize in sea, lunar, solitary, elemental, garden and traditional witchcraft.

For those of you - and I’m presuming that’s most of you - who are confused by all those terms, you can read about the different types of witches with this link. 

Does anyone else know you’re a witch?

Lauren: Yes. I have only told one close friend and my boyfriend, and they were accepting, even interested.
Ava: Yes. They accepted me completely. One of my friends also became a witch.
Vivian: Yes. They were quite confused at first but eventually got used to it. Some people were totally against it and saw me as a threat.

What are your top five go-to tools and/or accessories?


Lauren: Amethyst and quartz, being the first crystals I got. Cinnamon as an ingredient, since it has a multitude of uses. I don’t use a lot of tools but plants, crystals and cooking ingredients are my go-to.
Ava: Crystals, a cauldron, candles, tarot cards, witch runes
Vivian: My wand, quartz necklace, grimoire, broom and a withered rose (it might sound weird but it has a secret meaning to me).

What is your favourite book on witchcraft?

Lauren: A book on Wicca and different types of witchcraft
Ava: The Modern Witchcraft Spell Book: Your Complete Guide to Crafting and Casting Spells by Skye Alexander
Vivian: The Witches’ Craft. It’s an ancient book that has been passed down in my family for years and years.

Do you feel accepted by society?

Lauren: No. Sometimes people even doubt we exist! Sometimes when we ‘come out of the broom closet’ people ask us if we are mentally ill or tell us we are childish to think magick exists. I’ve also heard that witchcraft is still punished in some countries and cultures.
Ava: No. Most people don't understand why I practice or what I actually do.
Vivian: Yes. There are many people that support me but still, some believe witchcraft is bad and try to avoid my family.

What is the biggest myth about witchcraft?


Lauren: I think at times people think we have actual abilities like telekinesis or elemental magic but that’s not true. And also a lot of people think of witchcraft as Satanic or associated with the devil, and while satanic witchcraft does exist that’s not the case at all. I think it comes from the Wiccan pentacle and Satanic pentagram looking very similar.
Ava: That all witches worship the devil or that all witches are Wiccan
Vivian: The biggest myth going around my area is that, if you witness a witch doing witchcraft, they will make your life miserable and send hexes and curses to everyone you love.

How could people show their acceptance to the craft?

Lauren: Just be open and let us explain to you what it is before you make judgments and ask if you have any questions. I’ve found the witch community on Tumblr to be quite understanding since witchcraft can be very misunderstood!
Ava: Stop telling me to quit meddling with things I "shouldn't mess with" and letting me do my thing in peace.
Vivian: By not mentioning about witches being bad.

Do you have any tips for beginner/aspiring witches?

Lauren: My best advice is that witchcraft is a unique path for every witch, and your path and your craft may adapt over time and that’s totally fine - no two witches are the same. I recommend just researching and learning about what you feel drawn to when you’re first starting, whether that be plants, crystals, spirits, tarot etc. Make up your mind about what you read, because there is so much info and you’ll probably find that not all of it resonates with you or is relevant to your practice. Take it slow, do what feels right and remember that it’s very unique and diverse, there is no right or wrong way to practice.
Ava: Be curious and use your own intuition! The internet and books may help but don't believe everything you read! Witchcraft is a personal practice and it's different for everyone.
Vivian: A really important thing to do is to write absolutely everything in your grimoire. Thinking of it as a diary, write down all your experiments, results and new information. It will help you a lot in the future. And of course, never give up.

What is your favourite thing about being a witch?

Lauren: I feel really confident in myself knowing that I have the potential to get the results I want. It’s really empowering and I’m reminded every day of it.
Ava: I feel more in control of my life and my practice helps me gain more confidence in myself.
Vivian: Honestly, I love absolutely everything about it!


So there you have it - witches are real, and we’re everywhere.

(If you would like more information, you can message me on my tumblr page @cauldronoftea)