Eva II Gave Me My Orgasm Back

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By Landon Funk

Y’all have heard me talk about Dame Products before. I discussed how Fin was my first vibrator, and Eva II introduced me to toy play with my partner. In both articles, I was coming from a stand-point of “I’ve never done this before so here is my review of the product.” However, this article is intended to show you that Dame, a sex toy company by women for those who identify as women, has taken it one step further.

I am not 100% sure why, but I have been absolutely insatiable when it comes to sex recently. If my partner and I aren’t doing it, then you can bet your bottom dollar that I am going to Bellesa.co, finding a solid video, and taking out one of my vibrators. I’ll be honest with you – my Fin has stopped having a full charge and will now run out of battery just as I am starting to reach a climax. The first time this happened, I was disappointed. The second time this happened, I was frustrated and didn’t want to go to just my fingers…so I reached for my Eva II.

Photo Credit: Dame Products

Photo Credit: Dame Products

Eva II is marketed for couples – which makes sense as it tucks into your labia and nestles right on top of your clitoris. If you partner has a penis or wears a strap-on, they are able to penetrate you vaginally without disrupting Eva II or stop her from doing her job. In fact, your partner can feel Eva II too when they are all the way inside you, giving your partner pleasure while simultaneously giving it to you.

So, I reached for my Eva II and tucked it into my labia. At first, I was worried that I would not have has much freedom to move her around as I did Fin. Fuck, was I so so so wrong. I placed my pointer and middle finger on top of Eva and started to rotate her on top of my clit, and my masturbation game was changed forever.

Photo Credit: Dame Products

Photo Credit: Dame Products

You see, Eva II has a soft pointed crease that goes through her center. It is that nuance that makes masturbating with Eva II phenomenal. While Fin and Pom also have this feature, Eva II’s is amplified by the arms that tuck into your labia. While I was rotating the head of Eva on my clit, I was rotating this point and – here’s the kicker – I didn’t feel like she was going to fall out of place because she was so secure.

To say that I came quickly once I found a rhythm – pun very much intended as Eva II is a vibrator after all – would be a complete understatement. In fact, Eva II has cut my masturbation time in half. While that has its pros and cons, I like it. Eva II taught me that I don’t have to go through an entire complicated process in order to feel pleasure. She taught me that I can feel pleasure when I want to feel pleasure and on my own time. No more scouring PornHub with just my fingers.

Furthermore, my experience with Eva II has made oral sex with my partner that much better – and quicker as aforementioned. I don’t know about you, but I used to get so nervous when it would take me a while to reach an orgasm from my partner eating me out. The longer it took, the more my anxiety sank in, making the experience take even longer. It was a vicious cycle that I was not sure I could break out of. Eva II helped me master and control my orgasm in a way that I could not before. For that, I am extremely grateful.

Here’s to you, Eva II. You are one hell of a gal.