Spotlight: Embracing The Crown

By Landon Funk

Jadea Asante and Shelby Adkins are proud New Jersians. They both studied at Seton Hall University, learning the ins and outs of Public Relations, Graphic Design, and Diplomacy. They were/are best friends who saw that mainstream media and fashion only represented skinny white women. Instead of getting angry, they decided to change the game.


Jadea and Shelby created Embracing The Crown three years ago, and the company has been empowering women ever since. Starting as a tumblr blog to express themselves as they navigated college life, Jadea and Shelby expanded the brand to empower queens through events, workshops and merchandise.

They genuinely want to see women live their best lives, realizing early on the power in sharing their story. 

Embracing The Crown primarily focuses on (melanin)ial women. After college, everyone expects recent grads to have their shit together. There’s no longer support from college clubs or high school groups. Adulting is hard (beyond trying to find a job after you’re knee deep in student loans); grads are finding themselves, trying to heal from past traumas - and under extreme pressure while doing it all. Embracing The Crown aims to help women on their journey through womanhood.

Jadea and Shelby don’t act like they are gurus or life coaches telling people what they should and should not do. Instead, they create safe spaces to have important dialogues. Their workshops allow people to let their guards down and really see each other, embarking on the path to healing. Through Embracing The Crown's annual college workshop tour, the duo teaches Manifestation and the Power of I AM, breaking down the stigma behind mental health, unraveling stereotypes, and much more in an interactivly.   


Embracing The Crown's creative events connect people in an unconventional way. For instance, they host a wine tasting on Valentine's Day and spend the evening talking about self-love and learning each other's love languages. They bring people together with the promise of having a good time and leave them with a powerful personal message.

In the end, Jadea and Shelby are passionate about seeing women win. It does not get any better than that. 

You can follow Embracing The Crown at: @embracingthecrown