Let's Have A Threesome: You, Me, And Eva II

By Landon Funk

It is about to get personal, so strap in (or strap-on). 

I have had many sexual partners since I lost my virginity almost a decade ago. In fact, I have had so many that I do not even know what my "number" is - freshman year of college is crazy, amiright? 

During that time I like to refer to as my "sexual explosion," I started to figure what I liked and what I didn't. For example, I am romantically attracted to men and physically attracted to men and women. The things I like to do with women are not the same things I like to do with men and vice versa. Everyone needs time to explore their wants and desires, and I was fortunate to experience my sexual awakening at a fairly young age. 

Now, I am in a monogamous relationship and am very happy with everything about it...including our sex life. My partner and I will try new things, and to be quite honest, this person is the only partner I have felt comfortable enough with to test the sexual waters. 

Our newest venture was with a vibrator meant for two people. No, it is not a massive, vibrating, two-headed dildo. It is actually quite small and looks like a beetle or a really fat wishbone. Please join me in welcoming Eva II into my sex life. 

In my last piece, I talked about Fin, Dame Products' easy-to-use vibrator that nestles gently between your fingers for your convenience. Eva II is another signature product by Dame, and, like Fin, she can really turn up. Eva II has two wings that fit inside your labia, so the body of the vibrator sits right on top of the clitoris. During penetration, Eva II provides stimulation to both the clit and the penis or other clit (depending on who your partner is). 

Eva has three settings: vibrate, I-can-really-feel-it, and Geez-Louise-I-can't-hold-back-my-orgasm-any-longer. These settings are beneficial for sexy time and are also amazing for masturbation. I don't know about you, but I don't want my hands smelling like vagina all day after I get done pleasuring myself. Eva II completely gets rid of that issue because no hands are required after insertion. To put it simply, Eva II is a dream come true. 

I will say that Eva takes a little getting used to. Positioning her in your labia can get tricky, and the first few times she will most definitely fall out. Once you find that sweet spot, you will not have any other issues. She performs like a true champion and will not - I repeat WILL NOT - let you down. It is like the old adage says, "practice makes perfect," so please don't let this trial-and-error period turn you off because Eva II is worth getting to know. 

I was initially drawn to Eva II because she was a new frontier in my partner's and my burgeoning sexual exploration. Now, I am drawn to her because she is efficient, clean, and gets the job done. Don't you want a vibrator that keeps you cumming back for more?


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