So I Put The Coconu In My Vagina. Now What?

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By Landon Funk


It is shocking to think of the things we put in/on our bodies without even knowing it – especially stuff we put on or in our genitals. When I first started Funky Feminist, I was had no idea the crazy shit that those of us with a vagina were not knowingly putting up and near our vagina and anus. We have featured many articles about the tampon tax and pesticides in menstrual products. We have even talked to you about which sex toys to use that come from clean materials. What we haven’t done until now is talk about lubricant.

I dated a guy a few years ago who suggested that I use lubricant that was all natural. Inquisitive, I asked what that was because up until then, I had been using KY Jelly (that’s another story but you should NEVER use that stuff). He said, “coconut oil.” For the entire time that we dated, we used coconut oil as lubricant when we had any kind of intercourse. It felt good. It felt natural. It felt right. However, raw coconut oil is not necessarily the best for you vaginal health either – but not nearly as bad as KY. I am serious THROW THAT SHIT OUT.

I was talking to my friend Sylvia Pines, owner of a pleasure shop called Earthly Delights, about what lubricant is best for sex. She quickly shot down my raw coconut oil assumption and told me that I needed to use a water or oil-based lube always. It is because of her knowledge and my love of coconut oil as a lubricant that I was so excited to receive Coconu, a coconut lubricant that comes with an oil or a water base. Not going to lie, I was a little bit nervous to try out Coconu after what Sylvia said. Still, I tried it because I knew that it was all natural and had water or oil base. It rang the two bells that are of most importance to me: all natural and sex educator approved.

Plot twist: I loved it – and I think my partner did too. We tried it over the past week, and it made intercourse a little bit more, well, sensational. According to their website, Coconu is “designed to help you increase your capacity for connection, intimacy, and pleasure with natural life-life lubrication.” That just about hits the nail on the head. This silky-smooth product made me feel naturally wet, almost as wet as the two times I squirted, which is really important to me. Up until my current partner, I had a hard time getting wet without lubricant and/or clitoral stimulation. This made the experience even more special for me, leaving me feeling confident and comfortable with my body.  


In a world that is flooded with body shaming and an anti-vaginal/clitoral stimulation narrative, Coconu, like our other partners, changes the way you see sex and yourself having sex. Another added bonus of this lubricant is that its hella good with vibrators and butt plugs – and y’all know I love anything that makes butt stuff more comfortable and stimulating.

Check out Coconu, your genitals will thank me.