Here's Why Bisexual And Pansexual Visibility Is Important

By Molly Black

To preface, Happy Pride Month! This piece is written from my personal perspective and I recognize that there are many worldviews and experiences.


Starting with the theme of Pride, it’s essential that everyone in our LGBTQIA+ family is proud of who they are every day, not just in June. Everyone on the spectrum should be welcomed with open arms. Accepting all of our fellow humans shows the amazing power of the chosen family, not only to those of us who are out, but those who aren’t yet.

Visibility in media is key to helping other LGBTQIA+ people feel welcome, heard and understood. Erasure, the removal of bisexual and pansexual visibility should not be the norm. Sexual identity is complex, beautiful and should be celebrated. The more stories written by the queer community about all identities will lend courage to our family. Those who identify as bi and pan should be writing the stories of bi and pan characters. Awareness of erasure is the first step towards bisexual and pansexual visibility.

Displaying openness empowers people to live authentically without fear. We are a loving and resilient community of humans that should treat each other with respect. How can we preach love if we do not practice love? We must show the world that we are love, and this is how we will overcome oppression.

There are members within the LGBTQIA+ and people who do not identify within this community that are guilty of erasure. We should set the example of love and inclusion to demonstrate our strength. Lifting each other up is the best way to show pride, and it’s the best way to protest. Where we are not welcome, we will embrace each other, where we have to hide, we will listen to each other and where we are harmed, we will love one another.

To all of those seeking acceptance - we hear you, we see you, we embrace you. Be Proud.