The Art Of Seduction

By Autumn Morris

No worries, this is not a how-to guide on how to get your crush in bed. Actually, I’d like to explore a different perspective of seduction. We commonly associate seduction with sexuality. Personally, I view seduction as the toying with and transfer of persuasive energy. Persuasive energy doesn’t necessarily have to be erotic. Seduction consists of persuasive energy that is magnetic and charming, sincere and confident. Magnetism, charm, sincerity and confidence are all things that we use in our day to day life. If we use them together correctly, it can enhance the influence we have on those around us and our ability to succeed.  

Job interviews, meetings, dates, school applications, class presentations, there are so many day to day instances that could be positively affected by proper use of seduction. All of these amount to advocating for yourself or your ideas. While researching how to get accepted into Ivy League schools, the most meaningful advice I received was “make sure that the school knows you will be successful with or without them, you CHOOSE them, you do not NEED them.” Confidence is attractive, intriguing, and captivating. Whether you are in the classroom, in the workplace, or in the romantic realm, becoming and remaining confident will give you an inlet to whomever you are seeking to persuade. Confidence shows you are aware of your worth in your most genuine form. Anxiousness and awkwardness are replaced by self-assurance and self-esteem, which is both comforting and intimidating. This battle of comfort and intimidation instills intrigue.


Magnetism and sincerity go hand in hand to create the second piece of seduction. While confidence highlights your value to someone else, magnetism and sincerity attribute to interest, focusing on connection. When establishing confidence, you may create eye contact and ensure that what you say spotlights your value. Establishing magnetism and sincerity, however, consists of MAINTAINING eye contact and alluring the interest of others by HOW you say what you say. Someone who is magnetic is passionate and thorough when they speak. They may have diverse inflection as they speak, keeping the other party interested. In the same light, someone who is sincere maintains focus on whomever they are speaking with and is alert and aware of their body language throughout conversation. Like mentioned before, maintaining eye contact, taking cues from how the other person’s body language changes as they speak, etc. People want to be noticed. Magnetism and sincerity create a trusting atmosphere and emphasize the exchange of interest amongst you and the person or people you are trying to persuade.  

Charm is the third and final piece of successful seduction outside of the bedroom. You’ve alarmed them with confidence, induced interest with magnetism, so now you brown-nose just a tad. Someone who is charming is respectful and considerate. A popular technique of seduction is fulfilling an unmet need. In fulfilling an unmet need, not only are you solving a problem, but also you are creating an impact. An example would be holding the door for your colleagues as you exit a meeting and throwing in a meaningful compliment about their job performance. By doing this you are fulfilling not only a physical need, but also a psychological need. Additionally, holding the door is a symbol of humility as well as respect and the compliment shows you are attentive and cognizant of their contribution. Humans are transactional. Because you illustrated your respect and consideration during this interaction, they are more likely to do the same for you in the following exchange. And there WILL be another exchange because you’ve already intrigued them with your confidence and attracted them with your magnetism.

All in all, seduction is a beautiful pot of energy that can be used inside and outside of the bedroom. By illustrating confidence, magnetism, sincerity, and charm, you will instill more impactful and successful interactions in every aspect of life. So, in the next staff meeting, job interview, classroom presentation, or even a date, give it a try. You are a vessel of seductive energy, all you have to do is tap into it.