Can Just Anyone Make Art?


By Leslie Dawe

Art is something that people say that you should do because you’re artistically capable of doing a visually appealing piece. But anyone can be an artist. Whether they enjoy drawing, painting, photography, or even writing. You don’t have to be talented to reap the benefits. Art is therapy, and it can hold you together when nothing else can.  It is a way to let things out as well as a way to get harrowing thoughts off your mind. For example, I use painting, doodling and photography to benefit me. When I feel at my lowest, I will grab my camera and go for a walk. There's always things to take pictures of, so I distract myself with my camera.

Art therapy surprisingly benefits me with my emotions and each time my paint brush hits the page, I feel a moment of satisfaction. That I am actually creating something through my sorrows by releasing it through the brush. My words flow into poetry and just getting it out is beneficial to me. Letting out the words that trace over themselves every day in my head releases the bottled feelings I have carried for years. I wish I had known before how art can help with grief, anxiety, depression and much more.

There are lots of people who get their creativity from their experiences. It isn’t a bad thing. Writing a song about your struggle with alcohol or creating a character who goes through what you do can save you from having your “bottle” overflow. Allowing yourself to let it all out can save you mentally and literally.

Even if you’re not hurt or upset, you can still do artsy things. You can still write, you can still take pictures, you can still paint. There is a lie saying that only the best art comes from someones pain. You can be totally in love and happy and you can still produce one of the most beautiful art pieces ever made. For years, I never knew that writing and art can help.




I lay in bed staring up
Regretting opening my eyes to let in the light
Looking at my reflection in the mirror will start the war again
The war on myself
Against me

The war continues though,
Past the fear of day
But onto my mind
As it races and races all day long
Until it’s just too tired
Until it gives up

And I get to repeat this every morning…

~L. E. Dawe

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