Loving Your Breasts Just Got Easier

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By Landon Funk

You know how modern beauty standards suck? Yeah, so do we.

When I was in elementary school, my best friend Rosemary hit puberty before everyone else. Her leg hair started to turn dark, she started growing pubic hair, and, most importantly, her breasts started to take shape. To the envy of all of her female-identifying classmates, Rosemary started wearing bras. Seeing Rosemary’s developments, I wanted to grow large breasts, wear a bra, shave my legs, and do all the things modern beauty standards have told women to do.

So, my mother took me to get my first bra from the now-extinct Limited Too, and I felt like I was finally a woman…until I realized that my breasts were never destined to be large – and according to modern beauty standards, only large breasts are beautiful. I spent hours wishing for larger breasts and thinking of ways that weren’t plastic surgery to enlarge what I already had. As a teenager, I believed I wasn’t remotely attractive and couldn’t get a boyfriend because my breasts were so small. I lived in that self-conscious shame for years.



As I grew older (I am now in my mid-twenties), I began to unlearn what modern beauty standards taught me. Having large breasts is no longer a wish of mine, but I still feel self-conscious sometimes, especially when I compare myself to every model on Instagram. Enter Arôms Natur Skincare and their product Love Your Breasts.

Love Your Breasts (LYB) is a serum designed to help you love your natural curves - no matter how big or how small - a little more. It is formulated with damask rose, evening primrose and geranium essential oils that support the female hormonal system. If you are already anxious about your breasts (their size, how they look, what they feel like, etc.), LYB will calm these thoughts and leave you feeling proud of body. Furthermore, LYB has clary sage, a natural herb that encourages relaxation and lessens stress. It is especially good for PMS and mood swings. As someone who PMS’s every month, this product has helped me de-stress and unwind. And bonus, LYB smells amazing.

This kind of attention to detail and empowerment is in every product by Arôms Natur Skincare. Founded by Dora Lacey, the company aims to inspire women to indulge in personal care rituals and to celebrate their bodies. Each product is one hundred percent natural, toxin-free, and made using a holistic approach. Lacey and her team have dedicated their careers to empowering women, and I for one feel empowered and inspired just by having their products and speaking with Ms. Lacey on the phone. It is evident that every product is made with care for the consumer, a trait that is incredibly rare in our current economy.

I can happily say that Arôms Natur Skincare has helped me Love My Breasts, and I know they can help you love your breasts too. Use discount code: FunkyFem20 for 20% off your purchase now through March 1st!

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