What Happens When We Don't Treat Our Animals With Respect?

By Leslie Dawe


Throughout my life, I have heard many debates about animal rights. Still, there are a lot that both sides agree on - like that animals inhabited the planet before humans, and humans have been dependent on animals for thousands of years. Animals are an important part of our history and our lives, as they are the source of food, clothing, and security. So why exactly are they treated so poorly?

There should be a moral obligation to treat animals better. Humans have been and continue to be dependent on animals for food and also comfort. Our treatment towards them has become appalling, and we should have more respect for them than we have.

Many argue that animals don’t need rights, claiming they cannot speak for themselves. According to many people, animals cannot think. These animals may not be human, but they certainly have emotions and feel pain. Anything can live and die. Try thinking and educating yourself and others on the lack of basic rights for animals.

The chicken you had in your stir fry? Those chickens were likely left in a small space with many other chickens living in the dead bodies of their friends. These animals are treated so poorly and people seem to pretend it isn’t happening so long as they get chicken on their dinner table. But what if it was a human being treated like that? In today’s society, if someone was to do those horrible things to a human that would be in jail for life.


What about the orcas in Sea World? They have their dorsal fins slumped over because they are unhappy. They are being kept in tanks far too small for them and often attempt suicide. At Sea World the people in charge care more about their reputation than the animals when one had jumped onto the dry area to kill itself. They wanted people to stop recording and get out before they actually tried to help the animal.

If that isn’t cruel I don’t know what is.

If they were humans, they would not be suffering they way they are now.