All Said And Dine: A Beer for Her? Finally!

By Genevieve Pardoe

The other week I signed off by promising to rip apart Aurosa, the beer for her. (Notice I’m not dignifying them with a hyperlink.)

Anyway, the beer is not a newbie to the market but, for some reason about a month or so ago, this pink, low calorie Czech beverage in the shape of a mini champagne bottle set the internet ablaze with criticism from women and people who feel that women- oddly- don’t need a special lady drink to satiate their dainty hydration needs.

I was going to point out how sexist this product is, how backwards, how ridiculous (remember the Bic Lady Pens?) same idea. I was going to illustrate the fact that women and people who identify as women don’t need another object for purchase that assigns their gender identity some sort of lesser value. And plot twist, I actually like beer.

So, Aurosa, take your sugar-shit drink and move along.

Argh! This beer had me fired up, and I had to find out why… I mean, I am a gal who “allows” her daughter to play with dolls, mini kitchens, and other “girly” things. But she also plays with trains, tools, mud puddles, and whatever the fuck else she wants because I have a crazy idea that it should be up to her (except Mermaids because those sexualized aqua-devils set bad examples across the board).

I realized what my problem was. It wasn’t about Aurosa being a beer for “her” it was the insinuation that we can’t choose for ourselves.

Ohhhh! I dream of a world where I can have my girly manicures (which I love) and drink a fine pale ale after Pilates class while talking about Geopolitics (which I have an MA in) without being a raging hypocrite according to the patriarchy.

Like, I would be so, so confusing to a misogynist.

(But then again, so would anyone other than Barbie or a Mermaid, which you now know my thoughts on.)

Back to Aurosa and my impending rant. If I went all crazy awesome ginger on them - like I always do - I, along with every other well-intentioned, offended person on the internet would be presupposing that Aurosa has created a beverage for a lesser gender because women can’t handle a real drink and that they don’t want or deserve one. It is simply not what “good girls” do.

In essence, I’d be giving permission to Aurosa to assign me my worth in the context of social drinking.

But then, I had a huzza moment.

A beer for her.


You know what.

I would buy that product. Because people who endure rape, abuse, misogyny, harassment, lower wages, fear of public space, even so much as off-side jokes at their expense deserve a drink at the end of the day that’s just for them.

People who keep showing up, day after day, fighting for rights that others are simply born with, and who do it with grace and strength and courage. Yep, they need a drink.

There is some dark, dark shit going on right now. Nonetheless, there are also heroes showing up over and over again. There is divisiveness like never before. There is also rallying together and fighting together and simply thinking together like never before.

People who previously thought, meh, “this” doesn’t really concern me, are now standing shoulder to shoulder with fellow human beings, demanding rights for all.

No matter what your style is, if you show up for feminism in your daily life, you are part of that light. And you’ll be the part that history remembers.

So, yes, I will take a beer for her. But it better be made of stardust, volcanic ash, and dragon’s blood because I am made of some tough stuff. And so are you.