Poetry Corner: Adding Yourself Up To Nothing

By Gabi Morris

You try adding yourself up
Out of all your disdained things
And wonder why you feel heavier
Cascading their weight right onto your wings

It’s because the figures you figure your figure with
Are fallacies so untrue
And of all of the jigsaw pieces you’re verily made of
Let me name just a few

I’ll do this by asking some questions
And perhaps my queries will just go to paint
The verisimilitude to so many
And then what to you would be crazy and quaint

So have you ever tried counting the raindrops
How many for mascara to melt
Or tallying up salty tears you’ve tasted
From all radiant and ruptured feelings felt

Because I bet when you’re prancing from puddle to puddle
When you're wandering woods or barefoot on the beach
I bet you weren’t ruminating those sugar free sweets on the shelf
And how you’re only allowed one bite of each

You know when you’re living for the moment
And there’s flavours of freedom on your laughing lips
I know then you’re not worrying whether
This type of energy will transpose to your hips

So when you’re putting yourself in a piggy bank
Spending your body pound by pound
Do you ever think of all the little lucky pennies
Picked up on your travels that you’ve found

And coming to the topic of travel
You know the tracks you don't timorously tread
You are these ventures you spontaneously step into
When there's no tip toeing to the tick tock in your head

And what about little luxuries put into your pocket
I bet you don’t add those to your mass
Berries broken from bushes when you’re just wandering the world
Not frozen fearfully on that square piece of glass

Can’t you feel the maps through the bones of your body
To places your head and heart has been
When you don’t just equate yourself to your equator
And don’t grasp glances to get what you glean

Put your button eyes away for just a second
And stop pressing their calculator keys
Now tell me do you see any need to tally
The times a tree branch bounces on the breeze

Tell me if you truly spurn each stretch line
Then why miscount the one on your lips
The length of your smile that unfurls for miles
When you’re not worrying about the width of your hips

When you’re looking in the mirror can you not perceive
That in actuality you’re measuring with your mind
For if I asked you to gauge your flaws on your fingers
You’d be poking skin to which you’ve gone very blind

And don’t you dare tell me you only tasted calories
Don’t tell me it was flavoured with dread
When you were just turned six blowing out birthday candles
And cake wasn’t deemed devilish in your head

Why are you so worked up about what’s in the measuring jug
When there’s a cosmic volume to your soul
Why let these liquid thoughts leak from mind to mirror
Pour untrue perceptions into the shape of your vessel

Segmenting memories into miniscule halves
I don’t glimpse that when you’re feeding your soul
For never have you portioned out on a plate
The moments that make you feel whole

Must you work every element out numerically
Why should symbols stain your worth
When there’s so many incalculable entities
So much more beauty to this earth

Did no one ever say you’re all the books you have read
All your told and untold tales
And did you ever ask yourself how many pages you get through
When you spend a day reading the scales

When you’re dancing through doing what you love
You don’t see the sparkle in your eyes
These grains of glitter that come from your glow within
Specks that you simply couldn’t summise

You attempt adding yourself up
Out of components that should know no amount
And you wonder why this chaos has coalesced
To such a convoluted count

And because I already know the truth
That you will never take up too much space
I don’t expect you to answer my queries
For they are staring me unquestionably in the face

All I will ask of you now is that
You begin believing in the infinity
To all the innumerable beauty in who you already are
And the same one who metamorphoses to finally see