Abortion Is My Choice Not Yours

By Leslie Dawe

Let’s talk about sex… kidding.


Let’s talk about the controversial topic we like to call abortion, or the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. This thought is considered to be an awful thing because babies are “murdered.” If we were to ban abortion, there will obviously be more children. But with that, how many are going to be put up for adoption because the mother didn’t want that baby and had no other choice but to have it due to the messed up policies that government will put on her? Then, what happens to the child?

Well, in the United States, there are about 428,000 children in foster care while there is only 135, 000 that actually get adopted in the run of a year. The average child will wait more than three years to be adopted, and the average age of children waiting to be adopted is eight years old. Normally, new parents who are adopting choose a baby because they want to raise it rather than only have them for a few years. This means that the older children tend to not be the first choice for many parents adopting.

Reasons behind having an abortion vary, but for example if the mother was raped, why would she want that reminder inside her for 9 months and then potentially being shamed for wanting to put it up for adoption? Even if she did have an abortion, she would be shamed too although getting pregnant was not her fault. She didn’t ask the guy in the corner of the bar to follow her home and rape her. She didn’t ask for the man walking down the path to pull her into the bushes and sexually assault her.

Now, think of that one year old piggy that was slaughtered for your pork chops after being injected with hormones to be plumper faster. It is being killed, just as the baby in the abortion. Was that pork chop worth it to you?

I don’t believe abortion should be used as a service like birth control. It isn’t like having an abortion is an easy choice for many people, only a select few actually use abortion as a form of birth control. It is a traumatic experience that not many want to have, but if they feel that they have no choice, they should be allowed to have an abortion. They are paying for it in some places. It is the most individualized health service, and the government should not be allowed to make the call of whether or not it should be legal. It is not their child, and it does not directly affect them as a person. If no-one tells them about the abortion being done, then they cannot make a big deal over someone else’s business.

Finally, if someone believes they cannot provide an good life for their child, why should they have to have it? They may not be prepared or ready for a child and in a lot of cases. If they did keep the child, the authorities may take it from them anyway because they are struggling to provide a good life for that child. It is not fair to the mother to put her through the emotional turmoil of forcing her to keep it. It’s a hard decision to give up the baby for adoption, it’s a hard decision to have an abortion, and it is even harder to have your family shame you for either of those choices.

As stated before, it is not a form of birth control, but it is and can be a last resort for the mother if she knows that she cannot handle the pregnancy physically or mentally.